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5 Must-Have Features in Your Real Estate that Persuades Your Customers to Hire Your Services

Your real estate website is as important as that of your small business. In fact, it’s more important than the one you own right now. You can’t treat your real estate website as the ordinary ones which include working mercilessly on the designing and the content elements. However, the content and design are the basic features but there are also other features that are essential for your website.

You can’t afford to avoid it. For example, when customers come to shop on your website they look for certain features like searching their available properties, finding the chat agents to immediately resolve their queries or the social media plugins to dig reviews about the company.

So, if you own a real estate website, there are few features that you can’t afford to miss in 2020. Let’s walk out through them.

  1. A User-Friendly Search Feature

Remember that when a customer is coming to your real estate business website, the reason is to find his dream properties on the go. And when you don’t add the search feature on the home page, it makes them turn off from your website.

The search feature allows your customers to find their desired property and dig it in depth. If you don’t make the available listings viewable for them, you’ll see a decline in your website visitors. One thing you can do is add pop-ups to your site that entice visitors to register on your business and once they registered, you can grab them with easy searches throughout your home page.

This will also allow visitors to come back to your site and will also grow the word of mouth advertising.

2.Chat Agents

When it comes to chat agents, treat your website as an eCommerce one. Like the Estores, customers also come to your website to shop properties and while they view the properties they have questions about it. Even if you mention the comprehensive details, they will still confirm some of their queries with you like scheduling the time to visit properties, the budget constraints, and the scope.

If you don’t have chat agents on your website, you’ll have a hard time converting your customers into leads. In this context, you can also use AI-powered chatbots that are capable of handling multiple customers at a time.

So, the second essential thing your website is incomplete without it is the chat agents who provide immediate customer support.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

The competition for real estate websites is growing bigger and better with the passing days. If you don’t optimize it using the best practices of search engines, you will stay behind in the race. SEO has proven results for your website so it’s always good to ensure that your searches are optimized.

Ranking your website for the preferred keywords makes you up the sales funnel and grow your leads. It also makes your customers realize that you stand up in the competition and holds authenticity with your real estate business. So, never miss SEO while you’re launching your website. If you don’t know how to optimize your website, prefer taking help from an SEO company that can help in ranking your website.

  1. Blog Section

If you take a survey on the best real estate businesses in Toronto, Canada you’ll see all of them owning a blog section. There are two reasons why blogging is essential for your website. First, it helps in generating traffic for your business. Second, it helps in building authentic relationships with your consumers.

It also increases your credibility and makes your ranking better in the competition. So, you can blog on the topic that interests you the most and while doing it, you’ll see the audience engagements driving on your website.

5.Social Media Presence

 I have seen many websites treating social media lightly for their real estate business. Do you know when customers come on your website, the first thing they note is the number of fans on your Facebook and Instagram?

On these platforms, they search customer reviews and note the engagement on your forums. If you don’t have your presence on these channels, then you can lose your potential customers.

With a real estate website, know that customers are finding the properties to ease their living. Twist your website using this thought process and see the results flourishing on your website.

What’s your strategy to boost your real estate website traffic?

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