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5 Unique Wedding Flavours to Awe Your Guests

Wedding day preparations are never easy. Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding in a Church with a triple-tiered, vanilla frosting cake, or if you’re in search of something slightly more alternative, the planning process can be stressful for even the most chilled out of couples. Are you in search of a unique wedding flavour to tickle your guests taste buds? Fancy something featuring that extra kick? We have a list of unique flavour recommendations that are guaranteed to spark your interest and make wedding planning that little bit easier for you and your partner. Here are 5 unique wedding flavours to awe your guests with:

  • Grand Marnier wedding cake

This exquisite butter cake features strong flavours of orange, almonds and chocolate. Perfect for citrus lovers, bakers need plenty of freshly squeezed orange juice to produce a Grand Marnier cake the right way. A regular component of zesty cocktails, Grand Marnier is a French brand of liqueur known for its delicious kick and distinctive, orange flavour. A Grand Marnier wedding cake should feature multiple layers and be decorated with a considerable amount of swiss meringue buttercream. To make the Grand Marnier look aesthetically pleasing as well as flavoursome, bakers will create a smooth finish with meringue buttercream and decorate the cake with dried, sugared orange slices. 

  • Ginger spice wedding cake

The ginger spice wedding cake is perfect for lovers of ginger and spiced flavours. Although it could be considered a risky option (not everybody loves ginger), most people rave about ginger and its mouthwatering kick. The cake flavour is ideal for winter weddings because it bursts with seasonal flavours and aromatic spices. Bakers will most likely decorate the ginger spice wedding cake with real maple frosting, vanilla bean icing and crystalised ginger pieces to ensure that it looks as good as it tastes. 

  • Key lime wedding cake 

Another delicious, citrus-infused option for you and your partner. Key lime wedding cake offers guests fresh and zesty flavours, evoking powerful tastes all the way from the Caribbean. Perfect for summer weddings, the key lime wedding cake is an alternative flavour. Although it is sharp, it remains refreshing, complimenting a range of zesty cocktails perfectly. The key lime wedding cake should be decorated with thick and smooth layers of cream cheese and lime frosting, topped with an intricate design of fresh lime and grated zest.

  • Pink champagne wedding cake

Fancy a cake filled to the brim with class and celebratory cheer? Pink champagne wedding cake has a distinctive flavour of champagne mixed with notes of vanilla. It can be filled with a number of different ingredients, but is most popularly filled with fruit and thick white chocolate buttercream. Pink champagne wedding cake does not have an overwhelming taste of champagne, but the mix of fizz, chocolate and fruits makes for a wonderfully alternative flavour. A slice of pink champagne wedding cake along with a glass of sparkling is the perfect way to celebrate a wedding day.

  • Coffee and cream wedding cake 

An ideal wedding cake for caffeine and coffee lovers to celebrate your special day with. Evoking the rich and powerful flavour of fresh coffee, this cake is typically a sponge cake with multiple tiers. Coffee wedding cake generally features thick and smoothly applied layers of cheese buttercream alongside an aesthetic design of walnuts for maximum flavour and presentation. Of course, for obvious reasons, a slice of coffee and cream wedding cake works perfectly with high-quality, fresh coffee. 

Finding the perfect alternative wedding cake flavour

Finding the right alternative wedding cake flavour is tricky. You have to consider what the majority of your guests will enjoy. Do you opt for something slightly alternative, or something your guests are guaranteed to have never tried before?  Whichever option you decide on, there are certain bakeries that offer a broad selection of both kinds of wedding cakes. This includes the likes of award-winning, London-based bakery Rosalind Miller Cakes. Here, Rosalind and her team of dedicated bakers produce both traditional and remarkably creative, uniquely flavoured cakes. Shop their selection here.

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