What is Access Control System

What Is Access Control System And How It Works?

Access control in IT systems is intended to ensure that only authorized persons or computers have access to IT. Unauthorized use is prevented. Identification and authentication are central elements of access control.

With the help of Door Access Control Systems, the unauthorized use of IT systems is prevented. It ensures that a computer system only communicates with authorized users or other authorized computer systems. Preventing unauthorized access via external interfaces such as internet connections is also one of the tasks.

How does it works?

The identification of users or computers and their subsequent authentication play a central role. Communication between user and system can only be continued after successful authentication. Various methods such as username and password, biometric features, or chip cards can be used for identification and authentication.

The access control must also protect the access data from misuse. No unauthorized person may gain access to the identification and authentication data, as they could use these to gain unauthorized access. In addition to the technical measures, there are organizational requirements for access control. To secure IT systems, access control is often used together with access control and access control.

Various measures to control access

As mentioned, effective access control includes both technical and organizational measures. For example, specifications must be drawn up as to what a secure password should look like and how users should deal with passwords. The specifications made must then be enforced through suitable technical measures. The system may only accept passwords that comply with the established password rules. The following measures and techniques are used in access control:

  • Username and password
  • Password guidelines
  • Biometric method
  • Magnetic cards, chip cards, and tokens
  • PIN procedure
  • Checking network addresses
  • password-protected screensavers
  • Encryption of access logs
  • Use of virus scanners, malware protection, and spam filters

Delimitation of the terms access, access, and access control

Access control is often used together with physical access control and access control to secure IT systems. Access control, access control, and access control each perform specific tasks and complement each other for comprehensive protection of the IT systems.

The access control ensures that unauthorized persons have no physical access to IT systems and data processing systems. IT systems include, for example, PCs, laptops, servers, smartphones, routers, switches, or peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and copiers. Access control measures and techniques include wearing authorization cards, door control and entry systems, video surveillance, security services, burglar protection, and alarm systems.

Access control ensures that a computer only allows communication with authorized users or computers and uses both technical and organizational measures for this purpose.

With the help of access control, it can be ensured that persons or systems that have access to and access to IT can only use data and applications for which they have the necessary authorizations. This prevents unauthorized reading, modification, or deletion of data. Access control is based on an authorization concept for users and user groups. Access control measures include setting up read, write, and execute permissions as well as continuous monitoring and logging of all actions carried out.

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