Apps For College Students

6 Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without

It is not only possible to acquire new knowledge but also necessary in any condition. Therefore, the applications for students and schoolchildren we have collected will help both at school and at the university.

Earlier, we would write down class schedules in a notebook or on a piece of paper, which we then could lose or forget, but today, everything happens on smartphones. The Timetable app is a great option. It can show the lesson schedule and give information about teachers, subjects, duration, and homework. Naturally, for all this to be displayed, you need to fill in all the data once, and then you can enjoy the convenience, organization, and order in your head. In the worst case of forgetfulness, the main information is displayed on the screen as a widget.

If you study math in one of the top colleges and universities in California where they take homework seriously, then you should download this app. The Photomath application uses a smartphone camera and text recognition technology so that you can point the device at the example you need and cannot solve, scan it with the program, and wait for a detailed solution. In addition to printed text from a book, textbook, or manual, Photomath recognizes handwritten text from a notebook or syllabus, can solve problems with integrals, fractions, matrices, build graphs, edit formulas, and much, much more. Photomath is an almost perfect companion for students who study exact sciences.

Microsoft Math Solver is the next assistant in algebra, trigonometry, statistics, arithmetic, and more. The application is able to recognize printed and handwritten text, and after scanning, it gives detailed solutions to examples or problems so that you can write and also understand how it works. There you can also watch video lectures on the topic, read examples, learn new data, and more.

The Coursera application is a mobile version of the eponymous training service on the Internet, where users can sign up for paid and free courses or lectures on topics of interest. Coursera has a huge selection of highly specialized materials or, conversely, general education training. To find what you are looking for, you can use the search, select the top popular, top paid, or free options.

In Microsoft OneNote, you can write by hand (the application recognizes typed and handwritten text), save videos, audio files, documents, and scans. It is possible to share files with classmates or friends. There is a convenient integration with Microsoft Translator, as well as synchronization with other versions of the application on different platforms. Like Photomath, Microsoft OneNote can solve math problems, but not on such a deep level, but the program will explain all the details out loud.

Microsoft Office Lens is an indispensable assistant for scanning whiteboards with lectures and complex formulas, homework assignments, and other useful information. The program scans any kind of surface. The result is converted into PDF format, sent to the cloud, or to another device or classmate. However, it is worth considering that when scanning, Office Lens can catch glares of light and reflections, so before digitizing the board, make sure that nothing is interfering with it.

To sum up

We hope these apps will aid you with your studies. You can use them for different disciplines and various tasks. We wish you academic success!

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