6 Best Dried Fruits For Weight Loss

6 Best Dried Fruits For Weight Loss

If you are looking for a way to manage your weight or get rid of excess weight without the fear of it becoming a monotonous and strict job, then this is the article for you. The dry fruit zone brings you a very easy way of achieving your desired dreams, which comes in a variety of flavors and shapes. Switch to adding different types of dry fruits as a way to tackle your weight management, and you will soon be enjoying the process of staying healthy while staying on your desired weight.


Ever wondered how to control those sweet tooth cravings when you are walking a tight rope on the path of achieving weight loss? Well, an answer to that can be a sweet treat that does not even put on any calories. We are talking about dried raisins which are chock full of the healthy kind of natural sugars in them, and are therefore a great option to take care of all your sweet cravings. (You can even spice things up and try out Pan Raisin (Pan Kishmish) for a fun flavor.) When eaten in moderation, they will help to control the levels of sugar in your blood – all of which will support your weight loss goals.


Hazelnuts are a very good source of dietary fiber and are rich in their content of healthy fats that bring about a weight loss if you are looking for a way to manage excess weight. Just by consuming a portion of 30 g is sure to make you full a lot faster and also keep you satiated for a long time, which will prevent you from overeating any meal.


Almonds are thought of as your friends if you are in the habit of wanting to snack a lot. This is because it is a very low-calorie snack option, and delicious at that, might we add. They are extremely valued for the nutritional needs of the body. A point to remember is that it is advised to stick to eating just 20-30 g. What’s more? Almonds help in bringing down the bad cholesterol levels (LDL,  and nourishing your body with the requisite vitamin E content. The required monounsaturated fats are also present, which further triggers the desired weight loss.


Dried plums (also known as prunes) contain a lot of dietary fibers that aid in the vital working of a process called “intestinal peristalsis”, which is basically the process that brings about the function of your body getting rid of any waste or toxins present in it, thereby facilitating weight loss. Every 100 g of prunes have in them 240 kcal. You can try Pitted Prunes which are not only delicious to taste but will also help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are a favorite choice of many when it comes to weight loss. This is because they have rich content in essential nutrients of protein and dietary fiber, both of which lead you to feel full and satiated for a longer period of time, preventing any overheating. As for the calorie content, every, every 100 g of cashew nuts will bring you about 553 kcal – which is good news since this quantity is enough to actually provide you with the requisite amount required.


Pistachios are known to be a tasty treat while staying true to their ability to bring you a high nutritional content, because of having a considerable amount of proteins and healthy fats in them. These nutrients will help bring about weight loss simply by eating them as a snack. It cannot get any simpler, right?


Including walnuts into your diet, this wondrous delight with all its nutritional content will deeply nourish your body with a good quantity of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and the requisite amount of fiber content as well that give the walnuts their reputation of being the highly helpful options amongst dried fruits that they are for weight loss.


Dried apricots have in them very few calories, so it is a favorite snack for weight loss. These orange delights are perfect for those low-fat indulgent treats you can give yourself for staying on track. Just like hazelnuts, dried apricots will keep you stay satiated for a very long period of time, and will also go a long way in controlling any sudden hunger pangs you might get. Our Dried Apricot Turphal will surely bring you closer to your weight management goal.

The best thing is that all these dry fruits are super delicious and work like a charm as snacks or as additions when preparing your healthy meals. You can order dry fruits online and keep your weight management goals from feeling like a task by trying out a fun variety of other flavors like Tutti Fruiti or go for yummy Pineapple Coins to suit your favorite tastes in your palette.

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