Thermal Coloured labels

6 Different Uses of Thermal Coloured labels Across Industries

Thermal labels are hugely beneficial when it comes to the labelling needs of any business. They are cost-efficient because there is no need for ink or toner cartridges to print them; all they need is a thermal printer. As the thermal printer creates prints when the heat is applied to the thermal labels, no extra costs should be planned except for investing in a quality printer in the first place.

In addition, thermal labels are very versatile as they come in different sizes and weights, with permanent or removable adhesive, and they can even be custom made to fit the business needs appropriately. Moreover, they can be in different colours, fluorescent or in various finishes, including matte, gloss, or laminated. This makes their range of uses even broader.

Thermal coloured labels are excellent to use for many purposes. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1.    Labelling on Shelves in a Store

For a neat organisation of the products on the shelves in the store and excellent visibility of the various products, coloured labels should be used. They will make browsing for products easier for the customers. Also, customers can see the price easily when it is accentuated with the coloured label.

2.    In Laboratories

Using coloured labels in laboratories is an excellent way of labelling different specimens and tubes. Also labelling different substances with similar names with labels in different colours will avoid any chance of mixing up the tubes.

3.    In Warehouses

For smooth, streamlined operation and allocation of boxes of goods, fluorescent coloured labels are the ideal solution. In a huge space like a warehouse, this type of labels makes it very easy to quickly find the box that needs to be delivered or kept on the shelves.

4.    In Decorating Businesses

People running decorating businesses can really profit from thermal coloured labels. They can use them as stickers, name tags, as part of sweets and candy, and lots of other creative uses they can think of.

5.    In Furniture Stores

Thermal coloured labels can also be used in stores where the label needs to be attached directly on the product. In order not to be very different in colour from the product, the label should be coloured and with a removable adhesive so that it doesn’t damage the surface or the product. Such necessity is evident in the stores that are selling furniture.

6.    For Barcodes

Barcodes can also be printed on thermal coloured labels so that it can facilitate the job of the cashiers. They will be able to scan the barcode and keep the queue moving quickly.

The Bottom Line

The thermal coloured labels can be used either direct thermal, thermal transfer, or synthetic labels. The standard colours are pink, yellow, blue, orange; however, they can be made into any colour the user wants. The synthetic range has water-resistant features, so in case the user needs the labels to withstand the elements, they should choose synthetic ones. Also, the thermal transfer labels are more durable than the direct thermal, which is another useful info if the user plans to use the coloured labels for products that need to last for an extended period.

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