How To Open A Pharmacy From Scratch Without A Pharmaceutical Education

How To Open A Pharmacy From Scratch Without A Pharmaceutical Education?

There are several possible options for how to open a pharmacy from scratch without a pharmaceutical education. According to the federal law “On the Circulation of Medicines”, it is stipulated that a person with an appropriate diploma must be at the head of this type of business. But if a pharmacy is registered as a limited liability company or a joint-stock company, then it is enough to hire a pharmacist as a deputy. In this case, business ideas can be implemented.

Useful tips and tricks

In order to start an activity, it is necessary to register with the tax authorities. For manufacturing access, it is necessary to issue a pharmacy using the OKVED code of group 24.42.1. Beginners need to know that the most important thing in this business is paperwork.

Specialists give recommendations to begin registration with a rental or purchase of premises. On it you will need to have the following package of documents:

  • license from Roszdravnadzor;
  • permission of Rospotrebnadzor;
  • fire service permit.

Despite the fact that the list is small, its design will take at least a month and a half. When choosing a place, it is necessary to analyze profitability and maneuverability. How to open a pharmacy from scratch without a pharmaceutical education, and where it should be located are the main issues for introducing the idea.

It is best to choose a place in the area of ​​the new building. Then in a year or two, the point will be popular with its own customers. If you plan to open a manufacturing pharmacy, then you need a laboratory, a trading room, storage rooms, a bathroom, and a wardrobe. In the only selling business, a place for the manufacture of drugs is not provided.

In addition to counters and display cases, it is also necessary to place in the premises: refrigeration units, a cash register, electronic recording media, lockable cabinets, and safes. Equipment can be purchased from specialized medical supply companies.

Experienced pharmaceutical business holders give advice on purchasing drugs only from trusted partners. It is enough to limit ourselves to three large suppliers. To expand the clientele, and with permission, you can offer related products, such as cosmetics, personal care products, dietary supplements, and baby food.

As personnel, it is necessary to hire only people with special higher education. Provided that the head does not have one. There is no need to inflate the staff, as this is obviously unprofitable. Opening a new business will require a large outlay at the initial stage. Dividends will not begin to appear immediately, but the business is stable and profitable. If you know how to open a pharmacy from scratch without a pharmaceutical education, then you can do this painlessly and in a relatively short time. For your pharmacy, you’ll definitely need local and international medicine. for international one, you may get in touch with the best pharmaceutical exporters online.

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