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6 Smart Ideas on How To Make Your Garage More Organize and Clutter-Free

Whether you admit it or not, the garage is your dumping ground for almost everything — from auto parts and tools to outdoor toys, lawn equipment, and even other things you don’t know what to do with. For that reason, this place is likely to become the messiest and perhaps, the most untidy part of a house. 

But, there’s something you can do to make your garage as functional and clutter-free as possible. You can purchase storage cabinets, repurpose old stuff, or do some DIYs to turn your garage from the most cluttered space to one of the most livable areas within your home. To start your makeover project, check out the six garage organization ideas below.    

  • Maximize Your Storage Capacity Through Magnets

If you have a pretty small garage area, it can be challenging to organize small and bulky stuff inside. But, there’s a smart way to maximize its storage capacity with the help of magnets. Yes, you have read it right! Magnets can be helpful to store various things in your garage.

As such, if your garage is too tiny to place a pegboard, you can improvise your metal shelf and turn it into one. You just need to install strong magnets on tools or storage cans and attach them to your metal shelves. 

Moreover, you can also use a magnetic strip to hold metallic tools in one place. Since hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, and other metallic stuff will stick to a magnet, a metallic strip could turn into a tool rack to store these metal objects.  

  • Workbench is Essential

Aside from being a dumping ground, the garage is also a typical place where you can do a lot of things. That said, it wouldn’t be complete without a flat working surface to place the stuff you needed for a particular task. But, having one can certainly take up some space, especially the built-in type. 

Thus, if you only have limited space in your garage and a working table can make it feel smaller, you can consider adding a foldable workbench that can be attached to the wall. This smart idea helps make your things organized without causing additional clutter inside your garage. After you’re done with your errands, you can bring back the tools in their right places and fold the workbench against the wall. 

Besides foldable workbenches, you can also consider having a portable tool cabinet and workbench in one. With this, you can easily drag the counter and the tools you needed to one spot. On top of that, it can also help make your task faster as you can quickly get the necessary stuff on the cabinet attached to your working shelf. 

  • Hanging Shoe Organizers isn’t Just For Your Shoes!

If you have an extra hanging shoe organizer at home, you can also use that to organize some of the things in your garage. You can use it to store some cleaning materials, paint spray bottles, gardening products, and small tools. With this, you can arrange other stuff without occupying space since you can simply hang the shoe organizer on the wall.

  • Hanging Baskets Can be for Your Garage Too!

Aside from your shoe organizer, you can also use hanging baskets to organize the things in your garage. In fact, it’s ideal storage for the most-used items since it can make them visible all the time. Furthermore, things such as cleaning materials, toys, and gardening stuff would be perfect to be stored in this type of basket. 

  • Hide Unsightly Garage Tools Behind Curtains

Despite having multiple cabinets, tool racks, and other smart storage ideas, it can be difficult to find an appropriate place for some items in your garage. So, instead of leaving them lying on the floor and making your garage look messy and untidy, you can conceal them behind the curtains.   

As such, the first thing you need to do is to install a curtain rod that suits the space. After that, choose a curtain that can be suitable for your garage vibe. By doing so, the clutter will be unnoticeable and will stay behind the beauty of your curtains.  

  • Save Garage Space Through Pantry Shelves 

When talking about cabinets, using pantry shelves is another smart idea in maximizing your garage space. With the help of pull-out shelves, you can store tons of stuff while keeping them tidy and organized. 


There are lots of genius garage storage tips out there that can make your garage more than a dumping ground for your house. As such, the smart ideas mentioned above are just some of the things that you can do to turn this space from a cluttered area to one of the most organized spots in your home. Moreover, DIYs can also be great if you want a cheaper way to makeover your garage. 

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