6 Ways to Incorporate Interactive Content in Your Posts

6 Ways to Incorporate Interactive Content in Your Posts

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Everyone wants to be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to marketing. It’s reasonable that you want to outperform your competitors, gain more attention, and sell more items or services. These objectives can be met with the use of interactive material. 

While interactive content has been available for a while, it has only lately gained popularity among marketers. In a world where a static copy was the norm, interactive components might be scary. 

However, if you want to supercharge your marketing approach, you must overcome your butterflies.

What Is the Definition of Interactive Content Marketing?

The use of material to engage your audience based on their involvement is known as interactive content marketing. It’s similar to a discussion, but you don’t have to actively engage. Insurance firms that provide free, immediate quotations are a basic form of interactive marketing. 

You go to the website, provide some information, and go to the next stage of the procedure. Finally, you have the option of having your quotation emailed or texted to you.

Does Interactive Content Outperform Regular Content?

Did you know that 90% of customers say they want more visual and interactive content? That is enormous. Because it is more engaging, interactive content performs better than static material. 

It pushes customers to compete, compare, and test themselves in order to absorb information and attain outcomes faster. It may also be rather engrossing. 

For example, interactive video bridges the gap between traditional video and artificial intelligence to produce a one-of-a-kind user experience.

Why Interactive Content Is Seen as the Content Marketing Future: Statistics on Interactive Content

Countless marketers and strategists recently declared interactive marketing to be the content marketing of tomorrow. That’s primarily due to the fact that it works. Take, for example, quizzes. They may be found on Instagram, blogs, and other social platforms, and they are undoubtedly among the most popular material on the internet.

Viewers are more likely to stay on a page if it is interactive. It offers something unusual and one-of-a-kind while yet funneling customers into your sales funnel.

6 Creative and Effective Methods for Incorporating Interactive Content Into Your Posts 

Perhaps you want to develop interactive content but aren’t sure what type would be ideal for your target audience. The alternatives listed below are some of the most effective. Try a few of these out: 

1. Interactive Quizzes

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In the hands of digital marketers aiming to collect information and convert internet visitors into leads, interactive quizzes may be a potent tool. Instead of merely asking website visitors to fill out a form, organizations may develop closer relationships with their prospects and customers by providing amusing, interactive, and relevant content.

Conversion isn’t always the primary aim for marketers. Some just seek to engage and amuse an audience in order to increase brand recognition and consumer interactions. Others want to generate shareable material. Quizzes are ideal top-of-funnel content to assist marketers in achieving either aim. 

2. Interactive Infographics

These may be a little more expensive to develop, but they can be a lot of fun for your audience to engage with.

Floating pop-ups or click-throughs to other landing pages, quizzes, supplemental material, and more may be included in interactive infographics and other content pieces, and can be a wonderful tool for educating your audience about your specific business or product.

An infographic can contain a lot of information, such as calls to action or interesting pop-up statistics. To promote them on social media, utilize snippets from the infographic or generate fresh snackable content using the data in the infographic, and add a call to action to drive visitors to the complete piece.

3. Interactive Timelines

Timelines are linear organizers that depict the passage of long periods of time. Depending on their intended use, they might assume numerous forms and seem different. Timelines are excellent for organizing ideas, events, and information. Digital timelines are simple to construct — all you need is a good timeline creator. However, your reasons for creating timelines will differ, as will the software.

It’s a good idea to have some notion of what kind of chronology you’re going to create. This will assist you in determining which tool will best match your requirements.

4. Polls

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The advantage of polls and quizzes is that they demonstrate to your audience that the dialogue is two-way and that you care about their thoughts. Asking followers to caption images is another enjoyable way to communicate with them. 

You may utilize polls on Twitter, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, and Instagram Stories. Each allows you to add several response alternatives and decide how long the poll is shown.

After voting, users will be able to view poll results. You may use the Poll Sticker on Instagram Stories to generate a two-option poll which would be live for 24 hours.

5. Contest/Sweepstakes

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Traditional competitions and sweepstakes are also excellent examples of interactive content and may be an effective method to increase engagement.

Although you cannot encourage people to comment, like, or share a post on Facebook for a chance to win, conducting a sweepstake on Instagram may be as simple as telling for a follow and tagging a friend, or requesting your viewers to answer a question in the comments. Make sure your award is brand-related, and don’t forget that simplicity is OK.

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6. Take Up Periodic Challenges

This might happen on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It is entirely up to you how frequently you wish to take on the challenge. To do so, you’ll need to either hunt for pre-existing challenges or build your own that are appropriate for your business.

You may even create a challenge structure that invites your audience to engage and publish their own perspective on the picture challenge for companies. You may also use unique Instagram hashtags to increase participation in your challenge.


These are just a few examples of how you can employ interactive content to increase interaction – and as we all know, engagement has become increasingly crucial in terms of ensuring social media reach. Creative Instagram content boosts interaction, sharing, likes, and saving—all of which are crucial criteria for increasing your Instagram reach. The Instagram algorithm will prefer your account based on the level of engagement it creates. Likes have a significant role in this. If your account receives few likes, some of your posts may go unnoticed even by your followers. So, interactive content is the way to go!

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