7 Astonishing Facts About YouTube That You've Never Heard

7 Astonishing Facts About YouTube That You’ve Never Heard

YouTube is massive and extremely well-liked by the world’s viewers. It’s not likely that you have any notion of the fact that video content posted onto YouTube at least every two months or for 60 days contains more content than all three US major TV networks have created in the last 60 years. We bet you didn’t even know this. 

There are a lot of amazing facts you do not realize. Nowadays, it has grown to an enormous scale that YouTube is now home to videos, tutorials, reviews, including music videos, skits, and so on. It is home to content such that it can satisfy the entertainment needs of any person. We are even at a point where a lot of users are coming up to buy YouTube subscribers to improve their engagement.

The average YouTube user spends 15 to 25 minutes on YouTube; however, this isn’t the only exciting thing you’ll learn today. We’ve found some fascinating facts and statistics that will leave you saying, “Wow… I didn’t know that!” We’ll help you increase your knowledge about YouTube to enable you to share it with others and be amazed by their reaction:

1. YouTube Was an idea of former PayPal employees

In reality, if PayPal had any inkling of the content its former employees were planning to produce, we’re sure PayPal wouldn’t have allowed them to go. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim launched YouTube in 2005. The three founding partners worked together at the Internet’s start-up company, PayPal. After learning about the internet-based payment firm, Hurley created the PayPal logo and e-mailed the company to inquire about an offer. YouTube was first funded from bonuses it received following the eBay purchase of PayPal. If there were no PayPal, then there wouldn’t be YouTube.

2. YouTube was initially created to be a dating site

In its early days, the idea behind YouTube was not the way you find it today. There were in-depth stories that suggested YouTube was initially launched as a site for dating videos called “Tune In Hook Up,” which was a direct result of the popular Hot or Not. However, the universe’s fate had other plans since those three founding members decided not to go this way. The most formal events that led to the development of YouTube, which we use today, result from two distinct instances. The first one was when Jawed Karim was unable to find images of the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction,” and the second was the time when Chen and Hurley could not send video footage from the dinner party due to limitations on attachments in e-mails. It’s a pity, but we are grateful to God for the fact that Dropbox and cloud-based storage weren’t in use at the moment because otherwise, there wouldn’t be YouTube.

3. YouTube has caused issues for YouTube

It’s fascinating when tubing and rolling equipment firms get tremendous traffic simply because people are misspelling the name. It happened when YouTube.com was first registered in 2005. A domain name utube.com (owned by the Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Company located within Perrysburg, Ohio) started to receive unexpected traffic due to the same domain name and spelling errors. The company also filed suit against YouTube and claimed that its business was affected by the video website. The claims were later dismissed, and the company that manufactured the product relocated to a new domain (utubeonline.com) and left the territory utube.com to be a video-themed landing page for people who are bad spellers.

4. The First Video Ever posted to YouTube

Have you ever wondered if this was the first video posted to YouTube? It’s not a traditional video; it’s a more casual one that focuses on Jawed Karim’s visit to the Zoo in San Diego. Yakov Lapitsky shot the video; the video shows Jawed Karim standing in the presence of an animal. The video received 4,282,497 views on its first day of posting on April 23, 2005.

5. The YouTube’s annual April Fools Pranks, as well as the first Rickroll

Most people don’t realize that YouTube is a prank site that plays on millions of users during March Fool’s Day. The first was on the site’s home page, a Rickroll. in 2009, YouTube stunned its viewers by flipping the website upside down. Since the start of this April Fool’s Day tradition, YouTube has had something different to keep the fun going each year.

Rickrolling first became popular on YouTube on the platform in 2007. In 2008, during the peak of the Rickrolling, more than 18 million US adults were Rickrolled. The reason for this is Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” for this. Today, the Rickroll is the most popular internet-based joke. It’s a form that uses bait and switches which employ a hidden hyperlink. It’s an evolution of the 4chan scam that tricked users via a link that led to a dwarf on wheels.

6. A few jaw-dropping YouTube Statistics

A. YouTube is immensely popular

We all know that YouTube is very well-known; however, you may not realize that according to most recent statistics, more than one billion people in the world are using YouTube -the equivalent of, i.e., one-third of all people on the Internet. Amazing!

  • If you analyze the basis of user behavior, you’ll get numbers like this:
  • YouTubers can watch six billion hours of videos each month.
  • YouTubers are watching 4 billion videos each day.
  • YouTubers publish 300 hours worth of videos every minute.

b. The majority of YouTube’s traffic is from outside of the US.

You are correct — after the acquisition of YouTube from Google in 2006 at $1.65 billion, YouTube became accessible to 76 languages worldwide and launched local versions across 70 countries. The whole process was carried out because most of YouTube traffic, which accounted for more than 80% of its traffic, came from outside the US.

C. The most significant number of non-U.S. YouTube views come from…

We’re sure you don’t have the slightest concept of what this means. There are 196 countries that we can include Taiwan in the list; however, it’s not officially considered a nation by most. Therefore, out of all these countries, the one at the top of the list by having the most views includes… Saudi Arabia. It’s not surprising, aren’t you don’t you? Here’s fascinating information about why Saudi Arabia is making the news here. In contrast to Facebook, TV, and Twitter — all of which are all banned from Saudi Arabia — YouTube is not restricted. Therefore, this means that YouTube is the sole source of entertainment users can search for.

D. The most sought-after tutorial is…

There are a lot of teens who are YouTubers and, because of it, it’s no surprise that there is the best answer to this. The most searched instruction can be found on “how to kiss.” The second most-searched-for instruction can be found in “how to tie a tie.” You can find a variety of exciting information like these on YouTube.

It is. The most-searched-for topic can be found in…

Yes, it’s music. Artists, composers, and musicians utilize YouTube as a convenient way to provide their music to the general public. People use YouTube for music to hear their preferred performers, shows, or chartbusters.

F. You can enjoy ad-free YouTube Music…

If you do not like pop-ups that appear the way of your favorite music, all you need to do is subscribe to YouTube Red by paying a monthly fee of $10. However, you’ll receive more than just an ad-free service.

G. YouTube Videos Downloads…

YouTube doesn’t allow you to download videos; however, it is interesting that people are considering methods to download them.

7. The Most viewed, liked, and the Most Liked Video

The most popular watch, and most viewed video of all time, if we exclude songs, is the famous and enjoyable classic movie “Charlie bit my finger” — which boasts 846 million views (at the date of writing). However, most of the top watched videos are of a music genre. Before June 28, 2015, just two of the videos, “Gangnam Style” and “Baby,” has crossed the 1 billion mark. However, to the delight of many, just 3.5 months, on October 7, 2015, 10 videos were also added to the club. As of February 17, 47 videos have surpassed one billion on YouTube.

Here’s a list of the most-watched video clips on YouTube. Let us know which one you like most.

  • Gangnam Style by Korean rapper PSY (2.7 billion views)
  • See You Again by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth (2.4 billion views)
  • Sorry by Justin Bieber (2.2 billion views)
  • Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars (2.1 billion views)
  • Blank Space from Taylor Swift (1.9 billion views)
  • Mawa Kawa by Get Movies (1.9 billion views)
  • Shake It Off by Taylor Swift (1.8 billion views)
  • Bailando by Enrique with Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona (1.8 billion views)
  • The Lean On song featuring Major Lazer and DJ Snake with MO (1.8 billion views)
  • The Roar of Katy Perry (1.7 billion views)
  • The Wheels on the Bus by Little Baby Bum (1.7 billion views)
  • Sugar from Maroon 5 (1.7 billion views)
  • The World is About that Bass by Meghan Trainor (1.7 billion views)
  • Dark Horse by Katy Perry with Juicy J (1.6 billion views)
  • The Counting Stars from One Republic (1.6 billion views)
  • Baby by Justin Bieber starring Ludacris (1.5 billion views)
  • Chandelier from Sia (1.5 billion views)
  • What Do You Think You Know By Justin Bieber (1.4 billion views)
  • Think Out The Words of Ed Sheeran (1.4 billion views)
  • “Love” Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding (1.3 billion views)
  • Work at home with Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla Sign (1.3 billion views)
  • “Let Her Go” by passenger (1.3 billion views)
  • Waka Waka (This is the Time to Make Africa) by Shakira (1.2 billion views)
  • Worth It Worth It Fifth Harmony featuring Freshly Ground (1.2 billion views)
  • “Love The Way You lie from Eminem with Kid Ink (1.2 billion views)

Are you aware that you can stream YouTube Charts at any time to see the most current information?

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