Tips to Nail your Salesforce Interview

7 Tips to Nail your Salesforce Interview like a Pro

Everyone dreams of starting a career in salesforce, but most of us are lost on where to start. With the need for cloud and cloud-based designs and communications rising every single day, salesforce can provide you with the ideal job you desire. With a very expansive career set or one solely focussed on a field, you might be able to find a place in this growing company.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is primarily a Customer Relationship Management (CRM ) company. They majorly delve into the fields of customer satisfaction, expanding your customer pool, and customer retention.

One of the biggest names in the SaaS and cloud-based CRM provision, Salesforce is a dominant figure in the cloud-computing market. They no longer hold a traditional CRM for sales platforms but have delved into several fields like Marketing Cloud, their AI called Einstein (for business analytics), and a host of other services that enable businesses to generate better leads and even scale their functionality to that effect.

With hundreds of companies working with them, they are a premier institution to work with to witness the growth and development of the world through the digital era.

How do I get into Salesforce?

There are two primary ways to get into salesforce:

  • Through University Recruitment: Salesforce allows entry through internships, right out of university ( new grads ) and Research opportunities for students in the statistical and marketing or whatever field relevant to the company.
  • Through interviews: You could simply get in through the standard interview round conducted by the company.

How is the interview conducted?

The interview is prepared on a difficulty proportional to the role you are looking for.

The interview is conducted in three major steps or rounds:

  1. A telephonic round with the recruiter/TA/offshore manager – depending on the job role.
  2. Multiple rounds of Technical/Domain Interviews – the difficulty and number of rounds depend on the job role.
  3. F2F or as in case of Corona times – Video conferencing with to be offshore Manager/Director.

How do I get in?

Getting into such a company is not a task to be laughed at. Requiring several skills and knowledge, here’s a list of things to prepare for that you will find quite useful when preparing for your interview with Salesforce:

  • Know what the company is and what you will be working in:

Having a good understanding of your position in the company and the work you will be performing as an employee there. Having a good understanding of the company and the values it follows is quite essential for your role in the company.

  • Terminology in Cloud computing:

When applying for a job in cloud computing it is essential to at least have a basic understanding of the working of the cloud and how to name and manipulate basic elements on it. Such a skill will prove quite necessary when working for the cloud.

  • Understanding Programming and Software testing:

It is quite essential for anyone entering a field devoted to programming and computer science to understand a little programming especially the languages used directly to manipulate cloud-based data.

A better understanding of the software might be required especially if you are working in the Programming or Testing departments.

  • Understanding Visual Force:

A not so simple software application, a good knowledge of Visual Force will help you quite a bit when it comes to it. If you work exclusively on User Interface or User Experience it will be especially important for you.

  • Practicing Questions:

Finding mock questions for interviews are not easy at all, however, with the help of some websites, interviews can be a breeze. Salesforce Interview Questions on Interview Kickstart for instance is a great way for you to practice your skills before a test.

  • Attempting mock tests:

Attempting a few mock interviews before the actual day will keep you ready to tackle any and all questions on the interview day to the best of your abilities. Going through mock interviews by Interview kickstart will help you here. Here is how you could follow Interview Kickstart on Linkedin

  • Core habits:

Make sure to eat, sleep, and maintain a fixed schedule throughout your day to look fresh as a daisy.

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