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7 Tips You Need to Know in Moving House

7 Tips You Need to Know in Moving House

Moving house is exciting for some, but can seem a daunting task for others even after planning everything. However, the success of endeavour totally depends on its handling, avoiding mishaps, and planning everything beforehand.

Don’t be stressed over your smooth relocation to your new house, for there are plenty of tried-and-tested moving tips to make the whole process easier. 

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Here are some of the chosen ones. Follow these, and you’ll be relaxing in your new space before you know it.

Creating a moving checklist

Moving home requires comprehensive planning. Preparing and following a moving checklist can help ensure that everything is going as planned—before, during, and after the move. You should already know when you are planning to move. Include smaller details in the list, and a backup plan if movers arrive late, or if some mishap occurs. The most important things in your checklist may relate to the physical move itself.


Packing everything that your eye sets on can be overwhelming. Thus, you can make the initial step easier and quick by cutting back on the clutter as much as possible. You need to get rid of everything that sits in your home unnecessarily and unused.

This is probably the best time to donate your unused stuff. You can also sell them and earn an extra penny or two. Also it is best to dispose of your damaged stuff into the trash. Now you’ll have less to pack, less to move, and less to unpack—the only necessary items that actually are required in your new abode.

Packing as early as possible

When you are moving to a new home, you’ll need to pack up all of your things before the move, and this step will typically take up the most time, and will require a lot of hard work. To prevent the last-minute panic, start packing your stuff as soon as your moving date gets fixed.

So, you can start by packing off-season items and the items which are low on your priority list. In the stressful days just before the move, you won’t panic about not getting everything packed in time. So, when it’s actually time to pack everything up, the majority of your belongings would already be ready to move.

Booking professional moving company in advance

If you are planning on hiring a moving company, book them as early as possible. Although it’s optional, it is highly recommended that you book professional movers at least three to four weeks in advance. This will help to reserve your desired date, and will save you money if you are moving during peak season.

Movers are trained and well versed with the process of home shifting from packing, to moving and even un-packing, to make your move seamless and stress free. 

You can rely on verified movers to deliver their services professionally. Look for removalists who will treat you, and your valuables with utmost respect. Ensure that the movers carry their necessary packing materials such as protective materials, tape, boxes, dollies, etc.

Also, look for moving professionals who are passionate about their work, and have an insurance policy to ensure your protection until everything is completely unpacked.

Keeping essentials handy

Dedicate your night before the final to gather all the essential items. Tuck a pair of extra clothes, medications, first-aid kit, toothbrush, baby essentials, paperwork, phone chargers, pet essentials, toiletries, cleaning aid, etc. in a separate box from your other packed stuff.

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Labeling boxes carefully

To save time and energy on searching through all the packed boxes for a particular item, it’s recommended that you label your boxes with a detailed description (if you want). This will also help you and your movers know where to place each box in your new house. 

You can also use different color codes to differentiate the stuff of different rooms. It also helps you to unpack your stuff easily without much effort.

Special treatment for your electronics       

Your valuable furniture and electronics including computer, Xbox and TV sets require special attention when packing.  Some packers prefer wrapping them in quilted furniture pads, or with special wooden crates for shipping.

Also, when you plan to stack these fragile items, don’t forget to click a picture of the chords before disconnecting them.


A lot can go wrong during a move, even while religiously following the safety tips. You can hire a reliable mover like Cairns Coast Removals who can handle all your moving needs and transfer your stuff safely to the new location. Hence you can rely on them or go for self-moving if you are low on resources or for the adventure. However, different people have different needs or concerns, this general guide of moving tips will definitely help.

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