Water Purification

All You Need to Know About Water Purification

Water is essential for life to exist. Drinking clean, and safe drinking water is of utmost importance, thus people are highly concerned about the quality of the water they drink. Treated tap water may still contain unpleasant things and dissolved contaminants, like chemical traces from pipes it is flowing in, industrial pollutants, animal waste, while on its journey to reach your taps.

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Hence, to prevent themselves from falling ill by being exposed to the contaminants present in the water, people are actively adopting effective measures. Thus, the demand of drinking water filtration systems is surging high, which has led to the manufacture of custom designed purifiers which are compatible in multiple industries including medical, restaurant, engineering, beverage, and chemical processing.

The demand has flooded the market with innovative filters with advanced comprehensive filtration technologies and diverse functioning. Therefore, looking for a water purifier keeping all the aspects in mind makes buying one a dreadful task for a first-time buyer.

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So, here is a detailed guide regarding everything you need to know about water purification.

What is water purification?

Water purification is the process of eliminating unwanted contaminants from the water like biological contaminants, waterborne bacteria, sediments chemicals and gases, or dissolved contaminants to improve the overall quality of water you are consuming.

What can a water purifier remove?

Not all water purifiers are designed the same. However, considering the basic processes and technology used, most of the water purification systems available have the capability to reduce or remove contaminants, such as:

  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Sediments
  • Bad Taste, colour, and odour
  • Traces of chemicals and dissolved gases
  • Dissolved salts of sodium, potassium, manganese, selenium, radium, and nitrate
  • Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, copper, and thallium
  • Fluorides

When is a water purification system required?

If you are consuming tap water for long, you may be exposed to unpleasant substances present in your water. You may not recognize the need to shift to purified water initially, but contaminated water can cause serious health concerns in the long run.

Therefore, consider the following points and immediately switch to a water purification system.

  • Examine the smell, colour or change in taste of your tap water. Pay attention if your clothing and plumbing become stained by the tap water. These are some starting warning signs which should not be ignored.
  • See if your water has become corrosive over time by checking the deposits or pitting the plumbing. This may indicate the presence of hard metals such as lead, which is carcinogenic.
  • Ask your neighbours if they are facing the same issues. This may narrow down your issue and help you get a water purifier system accordingly.
  • Get your home’s plumbing cleaned extensively and then get your water sample analyzed as per the Drinking Water Guidelines in your area. The sample results will assist you in buying the water purifier perfect for your needs.

What is the importance of getting a water purification system?

  • Choose the desired product from a wide range of purifiers

A typical cartridge filtering system pops in the minds of first-time buyers when talking about buying a water purification system. However, with the advancement in technology, and surge in demand, manufacturers have indulged in designing different water filtering models depending on a number of factors such as budget, types of impurities to be removed, whether required for residential or commercial purposes, application, etc. Therefore, this has proved advantageous to the buyers as they now have a wide range of options with different features to choose from, without settling on a model.

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Some of the types of filters available in the market are- UV filter systems, reverse osmosis systems, carbon water filters, and ion exchange units. Some systems also come with multiple filtration technologies for advanced purification of water leading to its improved quality.

  • Employing a filtration system helps save money

Do you know that bottled water is far more expensive than filtered water? Yes, installing a water filter at your premises is not a luxury as some people might think if you are using bottled water for your needs.

In fact, a water filter eliminates even the dissolved contaminants in your tap water which bottled water might not be able to do. Therefore, by comparing the pros and cons of both you can conclude that a water purification system is evidently cost effective.

  • Employing a water purification system is eco-friendly

If you desire to consume purified water and rely on bottled water to meet your drinking needs, or that of your entire household, you are contributing to the increasing plastic waste across the globe. You are also making the process of plastic recycling more challenging, and thus posing a threat to the environment. Also, according to data, it takes around 3 litres of water to produce one small bottle of drinking water—thereby causing wastage of water. Moreover, the manufacturing and bottling units release huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year contributing to global warming.

So, listen to Greta Thunberg and invest in a water purification system for all your drinking needs. It will allow you to purify your water without threatening the ecosystem.

  • It is easy to maintain

With the development and availability of several water filter models, which employ cutting-edge technology, advanced functions and intriguing design, make an impression that water purification systems are high-maintenance. However, the present-day purification systems are designed such that they require least maintenance in this fast-paced world to suit the needs of the working people. They are developed to be efficient, self-regulated and come with an alert system to notify you when servicing or replacement is required to keep operating it at peak efficiency.

Cooee Water filter systems offers water purification and cooling systems in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, Australia. The company provides customised water filters and cooling systems as per the client’s requirements. They also visit your home or office to inspect or audit your water filters and fix anything that is not working properly.


Considering the importance and scarcity of water, humans are consistently looking for ways to purify water and make it smell and taste better as well, thus, flooding the markets with a plethora of water treatment systems and technologies. Therefore, go for a water purifier applicable for your requirements—whether residential or commercial. Next, look for purchase and rental options available, and if the services of professional installation and a good customer care plan are offered or not. But before shelling out on a fancy filtration just because it has a blue light, it is recommended to consult with an expert to find the water filter that best suits your needs. So whichever purification system you decide to employ, make sure you do your research before, and know what you’re buying.

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