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A Handy Checklist for Viewing a Property

There’s so much to think about when buying a new home, and it’s often hard to remember every little thing in the moment when you’re faced with a viewing tour and a property agent watching closely for your reaction. You may even be feeling overwhelmed and struggling to remember the small details of every property you see, which is why a checklist can help you to stay organised and find the right property for you.

If you want to make sure that there’s nothing you forget during property viewings, use this handy checklist to keep you on track.

  • Do Fittings and Fixtures Work?

When you’re walking around a home, you may not be thinking much about taps and light switches, or whether the toilet flushes. It may seem like minor details if the fittings and fixtures are all visible, but checking (or asking) whether they work is important. Make sure all light switches work in every room, and that taps are working, too.

If not, this may mean that you have to fix problems after you have purchased the property.

  • Have a Day and Night Viewing

Properties look and feel very different at night, including the surrounding area. Seeing a property during natural light and how it looks during the evening can help you know what it will be like living in the property and it is suitable all-around.

  • Check the Structure of the Home

If you’re viewing an older property, you’ll also need to closely examine surfaces like the wall structure and the roof’s condition. While all of these will be explored during a home survey, it’s also a good idea to look yourself during the viewing stage. Evidence of weak or cracked walls, damaged foundations or loose roof slates all means the potential for high maintenance costs down the line.

Of course, issues like this can be avoided by choosing new build homes instead.

  • Ask About the Windows

Older properties may only have single glazing. This may not be easy to tell just by glancing at the windows, so asking whether there is double glazing, or checking thoroughly, is encouraged. Double glazing is essential for keeping a property warmer and more protected.

If double glazing isn’t installed, this may affect your decision. However, if you have to pay to fit double glazing to the property, this can add value to your home through your own efforts.

  • South-Facing Garden?

If outside space is important to you, then whether or not the garden is south-facing can make a huge difference. South-facing means that your garden and property will receive sunlight throughout the entire day.

  • Check the Gutters

It’s difficult to fully know what condition a home’s gutters are in when you’re viewing a property if they’re high and out of sight, so asking about them, or trying to take a closer look, can be helpful. Properly fitted and clean gutters are essential for water flow and avoiding damage such as damp.

Take Away

You may have your own points to add to the list but keeping a checklist like this with you will help for more productive property viewings.

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