Term Insurance Calculator

All That You Need To Know About Term Insurance Calculator

A term insurance cover is the most significant insurance plan that one should consider when purchasing life insurance coverage. The insurance cover offers unparalleled financial security and a financial corpus for the insured’s family after the policyholder’s demise.

Like other life insurance policies, the insured needs to pay a premium to purchase this plan. Using a term insurance calculator can benefit the policyholder as it calculates the payable premium under the policy. From the following narrative, you can learn about the facts and facets of a term insurance calculator.

An Introduction to the Term Insurance Calculator

A term insurance calculator works as an online insurance calculator that computes the premium amount payable under term insurance policies. This calculator considers coverage factors and depends on those factors. The following are the factors mentioned in brief:

  • The sum assured
  • Age of the insured
  • Term
  • Physical build
  • Medical history
  • Smoking habits
  • Premium payment frequency
  • Premium payment term
  • Occupation

Detailed Outline of the Types of Term Insurance Calculators

Different types of term calculators are applicable for different premiums. To give a break down of the four types here’s presenting a detailed classification of the term calculators:

Increasing Term Plans:

When the sum assured increases by a fixed percentage each year, it is the increasing term plan. Although its coverage increases, the premium stays fixed. The premium gets calculated, and it covers the cost of the increasing coverage. Separate term insurance calculators are used considering the increase in the coverage level.

Level Term Plans:

Under this plan, the sum assured doesn’t change. These are the most straightforward term plans that need a basic insurance calculator to compute premiums.

Return of Premium Plans:

Under these plans, the premiums get refunded when the plan matures. The plans have maturity benefits. The premium term insurance calculator’s return calculates premiums of covers as premiums get higher than the regular term plans.

Decreasing Term Plans:

Decreasing term insurance plans are entirely opposite to increasing plans. The sum assured is reduced each year. The plans usually are offered with loans for covering a reducing liability. They require a separate insurance calculator to calculate a fixed premium paid each year with decreasing coverage.

Steps to Use a Term Insurance Calculator

While different term insurance calculators have different procedures, the concept is all the same. The steps to use a term insurance calculator are listed below:

  • Visit the official website of the insurance company and choose the section: ‘Term Insurance Plan’
  • Enter the details such as gender, date of birth, marital status, smoking preference, etc.
  • The display will pop up with the best term insurance plans available in the market
  • Compare the insurance covers in terms of premiums and coverage
  • Upon finalizing the coverage, pay your premium online and purchase it directly

Why Use a Term Insurance Calculator?

Besides giving a proper estimate of payable premium, it lets you compare the premium rates of various plans. It is free of cost and is dynamic in nature: meaning, it changes when details of coverage are changed.

End note

With a term plan, you can make your family members financially secured. And a term insurance calculator does its job by calculating the premium payable under the chosen term plan.

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