How to Start a Real Estate Business from Scratch

How to Start a Real Estate Business from Scratch and Succeed

Did you know there are about 162,330 real estate agents in the United States?

Although many people associate the real estate industry with realtors, there is a lot more to the industry. If you’re thinking about starting a career in real estate, you came to the right place.

Read on to learn about how to start a real estate business from scratch.

The Right Mindset

If you want to make a career working in the real estate business, you need the right mindset. As many people know, the real estate business is quite competitive and relies so much on making professional connections and networking.

Those who want a career in real estate should go in with this mentality to succeed.

Find the Right Mentors

As we mentioned in the previous point, real estate is all about networking, so you must have the right mentors to guide you.

Find someone who has an established career in the business and ask them if they can become your mentor. You will learn firsthand from them what it takes to become successful in such a demanding industry.

Learn Your State’s Requirements

Those who wish to have a career in real estate need to familiarize themselves with their particular state’s requirements. Each state has different requirements for those who wish to obtain their real estate license. 

When you do your research, you will learn what the state’s requirements are for age, education, pre-licensing courses, licensing, and even criminal history.

Pre-Licensing Course

If your state requires a pre-licensing exam, you must take a pre-licensing course. Your state might require you to log several hours that range from 75-135 to meet the requirements.

There are many different ways you can complete the course, such as online, a community college, etc. To learn where you can take the pre-licensing course, you can search approved school for CAM license courses.

Take a Licensing Exam

Once you have completed the state’s necessary course work, you can prepare to take the licensing exam.

If you took your pre-licensing courses in an institution, they should be able to provide you with all of the details necessary before the exam.

The licensing exam is made up of two parts, the national portion and a state portion. Although they’re graded separately, you must pass both sections to obtain your license.

Where Do You Want Your Career to Go?

Once you have passed the licensing exam, it’s time for you to decide where you want your career to go. Many real estate businesses use their license as a stepping stone to becoming real estate agents, realtors, or brokers.

This Is How to Start a Real Estate Business from Scratch

Now that you know how to start a real estate business from scratch, it’s time you take your career to the next level.

If you want a real estate career, you should start with the right mindset, get a mentor, learn your state requirement, and do the course work.

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