Beautiful reasons to fall in love with Armenia

Not one of the most popular and renown spots for tourists, Armenia has still a lot to offer to curious visitors from all over the world. From ancient monasteries to Soviet-period brutal architecture, from breathtaking natural landscapes to various entertainment activities in the city, one can find numerous reasons to visit Armenia. Regardless of the vibrant atmosphere during the summer, the autumn season in Armenia is not of less interest.

Preferring countryside? Then head to Dilijan!

If seeking for harmonious and cozy locations to run from urban routine, one should definitely mark Lake Parz in their road map. Located East from Dilijan, in the Dilijan National Park, the area has all the resources to make one enjoy the fall in Armenia. Make sure to wrap in the most comfortable scarf,  grab a cup of hot tea and the book you had an eye on for a while, and enjoy the enchanting scenery of the lake.

The town of Dilijan itself is undoubtedly worth visiting, too. With old architecture and picturesque balconies, the small town has its special charm in autumn. Although other popular sightseeing spots can also make them fall in Armenia unforgettable for you, Dilijan is a unique spot with its heart-warming atmosphere and chilly weather.

Choosing the city over the countryside? Small hints on enjoying fall in Yerevan

Besides the colorful palette of the countryside, the fall in Armenia is remarkable also due to Yerevan sightseeing opportunities. Nothing can replace daytime walks in the rainy streets of Yerevan and the late-night view of the orange city from Matenadaran building. Another picturesque view of the colorful city one can enjoy from the highest point of Cascade, which is a perfect mixture of old and new: exhibiting modern works of art in a monument designed in the Soviet period.

Yerevan parks located in different parts of the small capital can be another reason to enjoy the golden autumn in Armenia. With tall trees and the large grassy areas English park is the favorite among youth, while the Lover’s Park may be the best spot for the couples wanting to find a cozy and romantic place to hide.

No matter preferring the vibrant city or cold, yet warm-colored countryside, one cannot resist falling in love with the autumn season in Armenia. Enchanting and magical, the golden autumn in Armenia has its arms open for the new visitors seeking to explore the little mountainous country hidden in the South Caucasus.

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