Bungee Jump Sentosa - Things you need to Know

Bungee Jump Sentosa – Things You need to Know

While most people visit Singapore for a vacation or for some business work, there are also some such people who plan to visit Singapore to rejuvenate themselves through adventure activities. Singapore is home to a wide number of tourist attractions as well as adventure activities that attract tourists from different corners of the world each year.

If you are also someone who wishes to enjoy your adventure life at its best, then Singapore is one of the best destinations where you can head towards. Of course, you need to know the right spot where you can enjoy such thrills and one such destination is the island Sentosa in Singapore.

Sentosa is quite popular for bungee jumping and people from within Singapore or even outside travel here to enjoy adventure activities such as bungee jumping, the giant swing, and the skywalk. 

Bungee Jump Sentosa

While it is quite convenient to book tickets for your favorite adventure and enjoy it here at Sentosa, there are certain essential tips and points that you need to take care of. So, before you decide to indulge your spirit in such thrilling sports, here are some of the essential things that you should know and should take care of to avoid complications ahead.

Leap from Different Heights:

While the main jump is 47 meters in height, Bungee Jump Sentosa also offers a jump from the bungee tower of Singapore that is at a height of 50 meters. So, you can choose from two height options depending upon your adventure spirit as well as your comfort zone.

Choose your Jump Style:

Here at Sentosa, the instructors also offer you the freedom of choosing from as many as 20 types of bungee jumpstyle options. You can choose from different options such as falling backward, front, or even can choose any other styles with the guidance of the bungee jump instructor available at the spot. Choose the right jumpstyle to experience the best jumping moment that you can cherish throughout your life.

Eligibility Details:

There are some strict eligibility details that the individuals need to follow for the activity of bungee jumping at Sentosa. Here are the details that you should take care of in order to get eligible for the jump.

  • Height – You need to have a minimum height of 120 cm in order to get eligible for the bungee jump.
  • Weight: – Similar to a minimum height, you need to have a minimum weight of 45 kgs to be eligible for the jump. Also, the maximum weight that you can have is 150 kg to get eligible for the bungee jump. 
  • Age – Though there are no minimum age restrictions imposed for bungee jumping, you should be cautious whether the bungee jump is ideal for your kids or for the elderly people who you have accompanied.

Ticket Reservations

Another important factor that you need to take care of is the ticket reservations for the activity that you are taking up.

  • Ticket Price – Make sure to know the ticket price before you directly go for the booking. There are different activities available at Sentosa such as bungee jump, the giant swing, and the walkway, and these all have different tickets. You need to pay $89 per person for the bungee jump, while you can avail of discounts by making use of different deals.
  • Slot Reservation – It is mandatory to book slots after you have purchased the ticket. There are different slots available from which you can choose the right one for yourself after which only the reservation process completes.
  • Ticket Duration – Once you have made the booking, it is valid for 90 days before which you avail of the service.

Not Suitable for the Fainthearted:

If this is your first-time bungee jumping, you should not take this lightly. Bungee Jump Sentosa offers a jump from the height of 47 meters which is not an easy thing for those who are weak at heart. So, try this activity if and only if you are sure that you can handle the pressure and you do not have any kind of height phobia.

Also, it is not suitable for those who suffer from ailments such as blood pressure, cardiac issues, and others. For those who desire a life filled with thrills, bungee jumping at Sentosa, Singapore is a perfect thing to explore. Just know the basic factors mentioned above and you can enjoy a great time flying like a bird.

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