Putting First Class First: 7 Ways to Prioritize Travel in 2022

Putting First Class First: 7 Ways to Prioritize Travel in 2022

If you’ve been experiencing wanderlust since before the pandemic era, it’s likely that your travel bug isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re dreaming of setting out on a digital nomad-style adventure or simply looking to make the most of your regular vacations, there’s no better feeling than finally landing the trip of your dreams.

Still, it is easier said than done to take the leap and make it happen. Fortunately, you can shift your priorities towards a year full of terrific trips with the right mindset. If you’re ready to put first class first, check out these seven ways to prioritize travel in 2022.

Save your money

Of course, one of the most significant hindrances to traveling is the cost. Whether you’re flying, driving, or hopping on a train, taking a trip anywhere can dent your bank account. Consider tackling the issue head-on by making proactive changes to your budgeting strategy. Set up an automatic transfer to your savings account each pay period, and promise yourself that you won’t touch the fund unless it’s to purchase tickets for your vacation.

Consider working remotely

If you’re tired of clocking in and counting down the minutes until you can leave the office, you might enjoy a career that allows you to work fully remotely. Entirely remote workers who complete all of their tasks on the road can travel without location-related work restrictions. If you plan to become a digital nomad, consider how you’ll access the internet and a workspace that’s conducive to your success. You’ll also want to invest in a high-quality laptop and map out your travels around meetings and projects.

Do your homework

Depending on your job, you might not be able to drop everything and head on a trip whenever the mood strikes. Take time to look over the upcoming months and make a detailed outline of what you’d like to do, where you’d like to go, and when embarking on your journey makes the most sense. After all, impulsive travel decisions can wrack up extra costs and present frustrating challenges.

Prioritize your spending

Are you dreaming of a balcony where you can read in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, or are you content with a tiny room at a hostel that simply offers you a place to rest your head?

Consider what type of accommodations you want to spend your money on before you go so that you can budget accordingly. If you plan to travel on a budget, try to remain willing to make some concessions and compromises.

Strategically get excited

Anticipation is a highly effective motivator, so consider booking activities, crafting mood boards, or reading up on your preferred travel destinations to build excitement. Once you’re zealous about your trip, you’ll have a greater incentive to save money, make time, and commit to your travel plans.

Look for money in unexpected places

If you’re struggling to develop sufficient funds for your travels, consider getting creative. For example, credit card owners might be surprised at how much extra spending money they can rack up in points and cash back bonuses. Some traveler-hopefuls even feel comfortable borrowing money from family or inviting friends on the trip who can split the cost of lodging and activities.

Look into getting a side gig

If you have your heart set on traveling the world, but your wallet hasn’t gotten the memo, look into getting a temporary side gig to bulk up your savings account while preparing for your trip. Consider driving for a rideshare service, becoming a personal shopper, or opting for a seasonal retail opportunity at the mall. 

Before you go

If you want to get your travel plans in place sooner rather than later, consult these tips that will have you sitting in first class in no time.

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