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6 Things You Should Consider While Buying Eyeglasses Online

The increasing number of hours spent on tablets, computers, smartphones, TVs is affecting the eyesight of people. It is said that the more you’re exposed to the blue light, the lesser quality of sleep you’ll have. In fact, people are complaining that they feel tired after constantly looking at their computer screen.

According to doctors, it’s not only the screens that impact your eyesight or sleep quality but it’s the long hours you’re attending your computer for any number of reasons. This is why the market is coming up with glasses eye protection promising to improve the quality of sleep and reduce eye strain.

However, when it comes to buying glasses online, it leads to a lot of confusion regarding how to buy the perfect match for you. So, let’s take a look at the 6 best ways to consider before opting for glasses eye protection.

1.Get A Recent Prescription

Prior to buying an eyeglass, you should take the first and the most obvious step, visit your doctor. You can visit your best local doctor or you can enlist yourself in online eye care programs. A prescription will help you to get the most accurate lenses for you whether you’re buying it for blocking the blue light or you’ve serious eyesight issue.

However, make sure you get a handy prescription because when you’ll be buying the glasses online it requires you to upload the recent prescription. In cases your prescription has not yet expired, you can upload that one to land on your favorite glass. 

2.Measure Pupillary Distance

The pupillary distance is the total distance between both of your pupils. To measure this, make sure you have the lenses at the center and get the correct measurement. Generally, it’s measured in millimeters and people have it between 54 mm-68 mm. You can measure it on your own or by an expert optician. It’s important as you can have an idea about the length of the frame and lenses that will work for you. 

3.Have An Idea About The Frame

It’s important to consider the face shapes prior to choosing the frame. Every individual has a different face shape and it requires different frame sets as well. So, whether your face shape is rectangle, round, diamond, square, or oval, your frame should be chosen accordingly.

Generally, angular frames or square frames are best suited for round-shaped faces. But never choose a round-shaped frame for a round-spaded face. It won’t unveil the best look. Similarly, for a diamond or heart-shaped face, a round-shaped frame will create the best contrast. Once you come to know the type of frames that work the best for you, choosing a glass online becomes too easy. 

4.Consider Your Personal Reason

Everyone has different purposes for buying glasses for eye protection. Some are into business profession, some are artistic, some are students, etc. while choosing the frame, your profession or the purpose of using a glass plays an equally important role. If you’re a business person, then a conservative frame creates the best professional image.

You may choose the rectangles, ovals, or almonds shaped frames combined with silver, black or brown color. Similarly, if you’re a creative person, modern shapes will help you complement your face. You can choose geometric designs combined with unusual colors. For students, there are no stringent rules or regulations. They may consider other factors as well while buying online glasses. 

5.Figure-out The Lens Type

Once you’re done with choosing the right frames, the next step follows by choosing the right lenses. However, your prescription says it all still there are varieties. For example, some lenses have the ability to protect your eyes from the blue light.

Some lenses are photo-chromatic which means the lens becomes darker when you’ll be exposed to sunlight. The more additions you’ll avail, the higher the bill will be. But, it’s always worthwhile when it comes to the matter of your eyes. After all, these two give you the most wonderful power to see the world. While choosing the lenses you can consider your lifestyle also to consider the amount of time you’re outside, based on that you should shop your lenses. 

6.Consider the Refund Policies

While buying online glasses, refund policies are one of the important things to be checked. The glass may not fit you well or you may have other issues and want to exchange it. So, you should check the return and refund policies. Some websites don’t accept the return after certain days. You should be aware of such points in order to reap the real benefits. Along with this, make sure you check the customer care assistance team’s availability as well so that they can assist you in times of emergency. 

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