buying LED strip lights

What should you be looking for when buying LED strip lights?

LED strip lights are known for their low profile size and flexibility that it does bring on the table. These provide you with a lot of features making them very easy to work with and use in a variety of situations. Following are some of the things that you need to know about when deciding to buy an LED strip light

Cut to size

Cutting these LED lights is very easy and doesn’t race on your nerves. Along the whole length of the wire, there is small cut here lines that you can use for the sake of separating the LED lights in different sizes. Simply take a razor-sharp blade and make a straight cut on each side and the strip LED would come apart. It makes it possible to connect various LED strips together and connect them in different areas of your home and office.

Waterproof and Non-waterproof

Many LED strip lights are not limited to the indoor sections. There are various LED strips out there that are IP65 rated with a silicone resin material that protects the strip components from dust and splashes of water and moisture. These waterproofed LED lights are more stable and a little more expensive than the normal ones but in the long run, this is what you require to make things work.


The color of the RGB strips depends on personal preference such as what it is that you like to have. RGB is the right thing to go with if you want various color options to begin with. You can accent different corners of your home or office based on your personal preference. Use red, green, or blue individually or a mix of them to accent the side of your walls. A UV version of the strips is also available that can help you with the UV based requirements of your project such as backlit UV and many others.

Wiring and connecting LED strips

Make sure that whatever LED you are to buy it must have different connection nodes and easier access to wiring, it must support the linear as well as a parallel configuration of wired connections. If it doesn’t support such configuration and has to be used as it is the long length that it has then it is of no use to you.

Dimming LED strip lights

When deciding to buy the LED strip lights make sure that you have the full package with you. That is having a transistor and dimming system attached to the LED strip. This dimming kit would help to control the voltage, ohm, resistance as well as other various things. It allows you to add various designs into the mix, you can have various designs, various splashes of colors to begin with. Dim the lights, brighten these up or have them circulated into different aspects, it is up to you but make sure that you select the LED strips that have all these elements when deciding to buy these or otherwise it would be a lost cause.

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