Bathroom Renovations

How to Decide on Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide

If you are trying to remodel your bathroom you have to start with proper planning. House owners have their own personal theme and style which they want to accomplish for the new bathroom. Once the owner is sure of the style and theme, they can start the remodeling preparation.

Quick Tips

You should know if you want to build a custom or a semi-custom bathroom the sequence in which the material is ordered plays a crucial part says If you do not choose the products accordingly there might be delays in receiving the material which in turn will affect the project. So, you need to be very sure of what you want in the beginning of the remodeling.

You should also ask yourself important question about how much as the amount of space you have in your bathroom. What kind of vanity do you want to pick? Every small nitty-gritty, options available for materials and electrical switch location in the bathroom should be considered. If these options are not considered in the beginning of the remodeling project it can turn into a nightmare for you. Listed below are some pointers to follow when you are considering bathroom renovations.

Cost of remodeling: When you plan on remodeling your bathroom you should set up the expectation into reality and plan on how much you want to invest in the remodeling. The remodeling of the bathroom should never exceed the total value of your house. You should choose all fixtures, materials and hardware before you begin. Get an estimate and find out the approximate amount it is going to cost you.

Bathroom Designs: Make sure to choose the bathroom designs according to the house. If you are not sure consult a bathroom designer. It would make things simpler for you. The bathroom should feel fresh and new but you might not be able to replace everything, some old houses may have wall tiles which has several coats of concrete and may have inbuilt wires in it. If you are planning to remove these old tiles the price of the labors would shoot up. It is better to leave the tiles as it is and spend the money on something different. The old tiles for sure gives you a vintage look which itself is a cool feature itself.

Lighting: Consult your bathroom designer to place the light fittings. You can include decorative lighting to make the bathroom well-lit and beautiful.

Size of Your Bathroom: Measure your bathroom. You should know the key measurements like the bathtub size, space required for the toilet. These key features should simplify the remodeling for you.

Sink Height: The sink size is generally 32 to 34 inches above the floor. So, you should need to check the height of the sink and countertop so that it is easy to wash your hands or brush your teeth.

Corner Sink: Some bathrooms are small in size and adjusting a sink in it is difficult. For such bathrooms you can consider a corner sink. So that the free space in the corner can be utilized.

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