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Can A Virginia Beach Chiropractor Debunk The Myths?

When unfamiliar with a medical specialty, people often avoid a treatment that could be especially beneficial. That’s usually the case with chiropractic care. Patients who might otherwise receive positive results carry misperceptions that can be magnified when receiving misinformation from the wrong resources.

The ideal way to find out whether a chiropractor can help in your particular situation is to reach out to one for a consultation to learn what the practice is about.

Reputable, well-established Virginia Beach chiropractor professionals would be anxious to debunk many of the myths associated with the field. This way, more people will have access to a treatment void of pharmaceuticals or invasive techniques yet capable of helping with the symptoms. Let’s look more in-depth at the myths and the reality.  

What Are The Myths Surrounding Chiropractics And The Reality

Many times people will endure aches and pains before heading to a doctor to avoid the possibility of an invasive procedure or having to take harsh pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, by the time they get to the doctor, the problem has progressed to the point that intervention is necessary.

Fortunately, with some specialties, that intervention doesn’t have to involve medication or invasive techniques. A Virginia Beach chiropractor has the potential to relieve symptoms and help patients feel better without these methodologies.

The only issue is confusion surrounding the specialty based on misinformation that tends to circulate, causing some people to hesitate instead of reaching out to consult with a chiropractor to learn the facts. Find out the facts about chiropractors at Here are some common myths with the reality of the situations included.

●    It’s dangerous to undergo adjustments and manipulation of the spine

Many practitioners in the specialty are trained, licensed doctors of chiropractic medicine, making the treatments you receive exceptionally safe. Invasive options, including surgical procedures, carry a far greater risk than chiropractic treatment, and pain medications also pose a risk.

The chiropractor’s treatments are a non-intrusive approach to finding and eliminating the source of the pain. The idea is not to offer a medication that essentially masks the pain but doesn’t address why it hurts to make it stop, so there’s no need to medicate it.

Surgery is a doctor’s approach to getting inside and looking for the root cause of the pain. Sometimes they can figure it out, and sometimes they aren’t any the wiser after the exploratory.

What will the eventual treatment be if they do figure out the pain? Maybe they can surgically fix it, but ultimately there will be medication intervention.

●    Chiropractic treatment is something that endures over a lifetime

Some patients continue with chiropractic treatments because the care allows flexibility and freer movements. It’s in the same context as visiting a physician for a physical each year or a dentist for annual or biannual cleanings.

People abuse the body with workouts, athletics, and dancing, but we also have to consider that our body continues to “depreciate” with age. A regular chiropractic visit is an answer to ensuring that the body can perform at its optimum level. Go here for the benefits and limitations associated with the specialty.

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●    Chiropractic professionals are not genuinely doctors

Many professional chiropractors go through a rigorous program to become doctors of chiropractics. Some people do have a misunderstanding concerning the education requirements between a traditional medical provider and that of the chiropractic student, albeit these are both exceptionally challenging in their own right.

The indication is that a student studying chiropractics carries more classroom time than the average medical student. These students need to finish a residency monitored by licensed doctors of chiropractic in which they will work with real patients.

Graduation protocol dictates a successful pass of national boards for which there are four sets total, not to mention state boards designated for the location where they intend to set up a professional practice.

Final Thought

The primary purpose of chiropractors treating patients is to bring natural pain relief sans pharmaceuticals or invasive methods. The specialty has shown effectiveness in the treatment of varied conditions, including neck and back pain, joint pain, arthritis, ear infections, headache, and much more.

The best way to learn about the specialty is to visit a Virginia Beach Chiropractor so the provider can fill you in on the facts.

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