Can’t open QuickBooks Company File: Easy Explication to Set it

QuickBooks is an accounting software application, utilized by businesses of all sizes. When working QuickBooks, if you obtain error messages such as “QuickBooks has not opened company file” or “QuickBooks is unable to open company file”, we can assist you. A QuickBooks company file cannot open for various reasons. It may have been disabled due to the last time it was in practice or may have been disabled due to fraud in one form or another on your hard drive where the Company file is saved. Other general factors include difficulties with reports or transaction templates that were left open within the file when it was last closed. Other causes include QuickBooks Using the incorrect version of, or file location such as access permissions, difficulties with file titles and file extensions, or a struggle C * QBW.tlg file There are supplementary reasons that you may not be unable to open the file. if you have any queries and problem then you can communicate with our Quickbooks Support Professionals and Experts.

The error occurs when QuickBooks tried to open the company file (-6189, -816).

Manually, this error happens when the user attempts to log in to a company file while multi-user and single-user QuickBooks software. A probable reason is when QuickBooks network files with an extension. And there is a difficulty or company file. Still, in single-user you have nothing to create with the network or multi-user hosting system, yet, this error is one of the most significant problems of the single user of QuickBooks.

Files may not present in QuickBooks for some reasons like:-

  • warped or damaged QuickBooks company file.
  • The file is already opened by another user on a different shared network.
  • Utilizing incorrect techniques to open particular file types.
  • Difficulty with the report in the file.
  • Utilizing an inaccurate QuickBooks version to open files.
  • Problems such as entrance permissions, encrypted or compressed files, problems with file titles and extensions, and exploitation of data within the file.

kinds of QuickBooks error information 

  • Errors like -6000, -6123, -6144, or -6189 beginning with -6000 series.
  • HX0X errors, for instance, H202, H303 or H505: it happens because of internet network problems. One can attempt to get it utilizing the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • QuickBooks unable to present a company file because it occurs as a Read-Only type file.
  • Unrecoverable Error messages.
  • 3371: “Could not initialize license properties”. It involves the QuickBooks installation problem.

How to fix QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File?

Here are some answers to help you, following which will open the company file in your Quickbooks such as

Answer 1: Open your company data file straightly from QuickBooks Desktop

  • move to the Company File.
  • Tap on Open or Rebuild Company.
  • Choose the kind of file you want to open.
  • Navigate to the folder that the file is established in.
  • Elect the data file.
  • the Click on Open option.

 Answer 2: Stop the unintentional opening of QuickBooks Windows

  • Move to the No Company Open window.
  • Obtain your Company file.
  • Touch and hold the ALT key on your keyboard.
  • the Click on Open option.

Answer 3:- Modify TLG and.ND extensions

  • Start your QuickBooks Company file folder location.
  • Right-click on the execution log file.
  • Name the company file name  OLD .qbw.TLG.
  • begin the company file.
  • QuickBooks should automatically generate files with.TLG and .nd extension
  • Please see that you should not remove these files, as they can be utilized to retrieve forgotten data.
  • Answer 4: Switch the location of your company file
  • Build a new folder in your system C: drive.
  • Begin your QuickBooks Company file folder location.
  • stifle the CTRL key on your keyboard.
  • While preparing this select the company file.
  • Right-click on the file, and click the Print option.
  • move to the new folder, and click Paste.

Answer 5: verify your file extension

  • Start the QuickBooks Company file folder position.
  • Right-click on the file.
  • Click on the Properties.
  • Confirm that the file kinds is the QuickBooks company file.
  • Confirm that the file size is a minimum of 7 MB.
  • Click on the Advanced option.
  • Assure that concentration and encrypt options are marked.
  • Click on the OK button.

Answer 6: Rename your company’s file

  • Start the QuickBooks Company file folder location.
  • Right-click on the file.
  • Click on the Rename option.
  • rename the file name.
  • Make certain that the new name appears not to exceed 3 letters.
  • If potential in Matter of.TLG, rename it as strong.

Answer 7: troubleshoot your establishment

  • Go to your company’s file to another computer system, then examine to open it on it. If it opens on it, it may be a problem with your computer system or the QuickBooks Desktop Primary installation.
  • Drive the Quickbooks install tool.
  • Renew your installation.
  • Do an absolute restore.


In this blog, we discussed 7 important answers that how we can open a company file in Quickbooks. By following all these types, you can open your company file in Quickbooks Payroll Support. Still, QuickBooks not open, then our troubleshooting pattern will encourage you to support yourself.  


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