Classy Fabric Wall Stickers

Renovating a home without spending a fortune is very tricky, and that will be thinking outside the box. For example, painting a simple door will definitely add an instant cost of the glamour to your home, and changing a light bulb makes a whole world difference.

For us parents, we love to design our kiddo’s room, but the problem is that sometimes space is the problem. So we need to manage the space we have. We are facing the fact that we can’t add too much furniture to decorate the room.  One of the essential tips is using a fabric wall stickers. Let’s use our children’s imagination and create the room they are dreaming of. Customize fabric wall stickers is a good option for your own design.


Why Fabric Wall Stickers?

This kind of sticker is essentially just like a typical vinyl sticker. The same purpose and uses as best and one of a kind for decorating a room. However, what makes this different from vinyl is that it has a modern twist to it. This wall sticker uses fabric instead of vinyl, thus emitting a different overall appeal to it.

Like vinyl, the fabric wall decals or stickers are easier to stick and peel off on the walls compared to the traditional wallpapers. However, using fabric wall stickers is the simplest and easiest of them all since they have an excellent removable adhesive. So, if you make mistakes, you can simply remove the fabric wall sticker and start again.

What’s more, the fabric wall sticker is less likely to tear as its material got fabric structure, which is much more durable. Thus, if you’re going to re-position the stickers, even with the bigger ones, you wouldn’t have a difficult time doing so.


  • Might change in color when it’s subjected to extreme heat.
  • It does not do well with moisture. Thus, when you remove it with water, it will eventually loosen.
  • A little more expensive compared to the vinyl wall stickers. But it worth the safety.


  • Non-PVC products, so it’s environmental friendly.
  • Matte and textured surface, which makes it look more natural on the wall.
  • Made from fine-weave fabric – A higher quality fabric than vinyl, which is commonly used for wall decals and stickers,
  • Removable – Changed your mind? Want to redecorate? These wall decals and stickers are easy to remove,
  • Repositionable – Peel off and reposition these wall stickers and decals to match the layout of rooms,
  • Doesn’t stretch – These wall stickers and decals will retain their shape no matter how hard kids try to stretch them,
  • Can be applied to most flat, clean surfaces – And even some textured surfaces too! It’s all up to your imagination


  • Nontoxic and safer for nursery rooms and our homes.
  • Got patented removable adhesive, so the decals can be removed right away or even after years later, without any residue left. It’s landlord-friendly.
  • It has a fabric structure, so it will not easily tear off.
  • Easy to install. You can easily open it, even they’re stuck to each other. So you can relax letting your children decorate their own rooms.


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