Commercial or Residential Projects in Gurgaon

Commercial or Residential Projects in Gurgaon – Which is the Best Option for Investment

Commercial properties in Gurgaon can help you yield high rental returns for over a prolonged period of time. The residential units are mainly purchased for self-use and it can also help you generate good income by leasing it out for a specific time period. Considering this fact, both commercial and residential properties in Gurgaon have their own pros and cons.

Commercial projects in Gurgaon are quite expensive as compared to the residential counterparts, but it tends to yield higher rental returns for a prolonged period. Residential projects, on the other hand, are mainly purchased for end-use only or as a long term investment. It has been observed that commercial projects in Gurgaon have been recording a gradual growth in regards to demand and supply and because of this fact, the price is steadily moving up. Moreover, there is a growth in rental values and capital gains in commercial realty. Residential properties, on the other hand, have largely remained sluggish in the past few years and this is due to the regulatory changes and reforms. So, let us check whether to invest in commercial properties or residential properties in Gurgaon.

ROI or Return on Investment

As mentioned earlier, the residential properties are mainly purchased for long term investment or end-use. But, today residential properties in Gurgaon are helping people to generate huge income by leasing it out. Moreover, the price appreciation of residential projects over time is another factor that is influencing the investors. Some of the residential projects with prospects of higher returns include MRG World The Balcony Sector 93 Gurgaon.

The other properties which can help investors to generate steady income include office spaces, retail stores, and warehouses, institutional and industrial real estate. There is a huge possibility of regular rent and leasing in commercial properties and this is the key factor that encourages the investors to invest in the commercial properties and the price hike also remains quite high.

However, you need to understand the fact that price appreciation and rental income hike depends on many crucial factors like location, social and physical infrastructure, present market trends and amenities. These are deciding factors both for the residential and commercial properties in Gurgaon. As per the experts, the residential property market in Gurgaon has recently started to pick up and it will take some more time for the price appreciation to occur. On the other hand, the commercial properties and Grade “A” office properties like VSR Park Street Sector 85 Gurgaon are already yielding higher returns. It is estimated that the residential properties would register a hike of 4-5% per year in price and commercial properties would record a price hike of 8-10% per year.

Due Diligence   

Real estate investment is the opportunity that has its own set of risks involved and hence you need to take calculative steps and conduct due diligence prior to your investment both in commercial and residential properties in Gurgaon. From track records of the builder to past price trends, location, job opportunities to connectivity and more, you need to check these all factors prior to your investment in residential and commercial properties.

You also need to check if the property is RERA certified and registered under it if the project is under construction. These were some of the factors that you need to investigate and consider prior to your investment.

Key Areas for Investment

Gurgaon is becoming the new reality hub with several residential and commercial projects. Haryana Government has also launched the affordable housing scheme of 2013 which lets homebuyers with a tight budget to own their dream home in Gurgaon. But, before investing in the realty market of Gurgaon, it is necessary that you know the key areas for investment which can help you yield higher returns in investment. Dwarka Expressway, Sohna Road, Manesar Road, New Gurgaon, Golf Course Extension Road, and others are some of the key areas where investment is considered profitable today.

All these key areas of Gurgaon are sated with different residential and commercial spaces and projects which are worth considering. So, ensure to check the website of Plan My Property to know the projects on these key areas. Both commercial and residential projects in Gurgaon are witnessing demand from both investors and buyers as they offer good job hubs, office spaces, and world-class locality to live and work together.

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