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How Can Performance Parts Increase the Horsepower of Your Car?

Since the invention of the first automobile in the 1800s, the excitement of driving the high-performance car has been unparalleled for any auto enthusiast.

The cars that are available in the market today come equipped with powerful engines and modern technology.

However, for car aficionados embarking on a quest to source options that can enhance the horsepower of their vehicles, obtaining the right performance parts such as a high-performance exhaust or coil overs can become a challenging ordeal.

A basic understanding of these aftermarket parts may provide you with the requisite clarity whilst transforming your average car into a high-speed machine.

What Are The Performance Parts Required To Improve The Horsepower Of Your Car?

There are numerous options that can be adopted to boost the horsepower of a car. You can choose to install parts that suit your driving style and budget. A few popular car performance parts have been listed below:

·         Cold Air Intake Kit:

A simple yet functional way to increase performance is by purchasing a customized cold air intake tube system. Fitting this assembly in your car will aid in channelizing cool air into the engine through a performance air filter that is almost four times larger than the regular unit and is available as a part of the intake kit.

The dense draft of cold air flowing into the engine elevates the performance levels considerably. These air filter systems are known to have better filtration capabilities as compared to the standard factory units and reduce the undue stress exerted on the engines.

·         Modification Of The Exhaust System:

Exhaust modifications are the most common methods that are implemented for boosting the horsepower of your car. There is a range of performance exhausts that are available in the market such as:

§  Highflow cat-back exhausts.

§  Single exit pipe exhausts.

§  Dual rear exit exhausts.

§  Opposite dual exhausts.

§  Dual side exhausts.

§  Long tube headers.

A performance exhaust can play a key role in the customization process. The air emitted from the combustion chamber of an engine has to flow out of the exhaust pipe in a smooth manner. Any clogging of the exhaust pipes due to wear and tear can reduce the performance of a car.

Installing a superior performance exhaust with an inbuilt high-flow catalytic converter significantly increases the breathability of an engine whilst improving the horsepower by several notches.

·         Installation Of a Performance Chip:

Currently, all cars have a built-in software commonly known as an engine control unit (ECU) or electronic control module (ECM) that is designed to curtail the strain on the internal parts of an engine and ensure fuel efficiency.

The ECU controls the volume and timing of fuel being used, spark timing and the A/F ratio. Performance chip manufacturers have tweaked the entire concept of the ECU set-up for drivers seeking higher horsepower from their automobiles.

New software enables the chip designers to modulate the fuel timing, valve timing, and the spark timing to suit the engine configuration. After installation of the chip, qualified mechanics complete the necessary fine-tuning. Thereafter, your car is ready to deliver a turbo-charged performance.

·         Coilovers:

Coilovers are vital components that can be used to augment the performance of your car and ensure better traction. The coil-overs are mounted onto the shock absorbers of your car to ensure that your car has a proper balance.

The Coilover suspension system consists of multiple springs constructed in the form of coils. The Coilover can withstand any shocks that occur whilst driving over potholes or road humps, thereby allowing you to push the limits with your car to optimum performance levels irrespective of the terrain. These gadgets have a simple mechanism and can be installed on your own, by following the basic instruction provided in the manual.

The Coilover kit provides you with a comfortable driving experience even at high speeds due to the even distribution of weight between the four ends of the car.

·         Engine Overhaul Or Swap:

The above-mentioned performance parts can be easily retrofitted onto your car post consultation with a reputed car mechanic

If you feel the need to enhance the performance further, there are options wherein the car engine can be modified extensively. Using larger cylinder heads, stroker crankshafts and advanced pistons can make a noticeable difference in the performance of your car. If these additions do not show favorable results, then swapping your old engine with a new powerful motor may be your only option.

An engine swap will require a tad bit of internal fabrication that needs to be executed by a trustworthy engineer. Online research can also provide you with the necessary guidance on the feasibility of installing a new powerful motor into your old engine chamber.

A healthy respect for the laws of the land is mandatory. You have to be judicious and ensure that these proposed modifications do not affect the car’s warranty or flout the prevalent emission standards of your state at any given time.

In Conclusion

The installation of these above-mentioned performance parts is sure to equip your car with the desired horsepower while providing you with safe but exciting driving experience.

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