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Complete Features Explained Guide For YouTube Vance

YouTube Vanced is an advanced YouTube enabler client that allows users to access the entire content inventory of Youtube for free with advanced features such as No Ads viewing Experience, Free video Download, Background Player for Music Play, Pop Up Player to use multiple applications to use while watching videos, etc. 

Youtube Vanced Features Explained

1.  No Ads Viewing Experience

Several times one must have experienced moments of complete irritation and intense frustration when ads appear on screen while watching an interesting video on YouTube. There are times that we wished for flawless video and audio streaming on Youtube but it still remains a wish. Youtube Vanced gives the ultimate solution for that. First and foremost it has access to the entire videos on Youtube, so there is no case of missing any content. YouTube Vanced has an in-built system that blocks any ads that may interrupt your streaming experience whether it’s video or audio. This ultimately guarantees that there won’t be any ads to disturb the experience of enjoying the content.

2. Free video Download

Free video Download

When you open any video on YouTube Vanced, You will have free access to the “Download” option which you can see on the right below the corner of the video. One tap on the option will do the trick to start the download process.                                

Right after the tap, You will be presented with options to select the format and quality of the download. In formats, you can select either “Video” or “Audio” to choose your preferred one and in quality, the in-built option in Youtube Vanced supports 144p to 4k downloads but it will also be dependent on the original video quality uploaded. Hence the available quality options will appear.

3. Background Player for Music Play

There are millions of songs on YouTube but we don’t enjoy them as we wish to enjoy it in the form of a music player. YouTube Vanced’s next feature fixes this issue with ultimate ease. Any video you choose, you will have the access to play music only in the background. Now turn off your mobile screen and enjoy some awesome music.

4.Pop Up Player

Pop Up Player

Ever wished to text your friend or participate in a discussion in the group chats while watching a video on Youtube? Youtube Vanced enables the option to use multiple applications at the same time with its unique “Pop-Up” player. Taping upon the option, you can continue watching your favorite videos on the floating player that appears on the screen. You will also get the features to change the placing and size of the screen with touch movements and taps.

5.Other Features

  • Change the speed of the video- Speed up and speed down options in variations.
  • 44P to 4K video resolution options according to the quality of the original video. 
  • To fast forward or rewind the video-Double-tap on the video screen. (You can customize its duration from 5 seconds to 30 seconds in the app settings.)
  •  Video Likes or dislikes option.
  • Activate captions for the videos.

Excited !! Now Download YouTube Vanced thorough clicking here. You will be taken to the official website of Youtube Vanced. 

Clicking on the will start the APK download. Please make sure that you give permission for the download since it’s the external source.

Upon that Youtube Vanced will be automatically installed with Installer launch and accepting it. Enjoy the amazing content with Youtube Vanced Features.

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