Completely Free Fitness Classes on Instagram

Completely Free Fitness Classes on Instagram That You Can Use in the Quarantine Period

With the gyms and workout studios having to pull down their shutters due to the coronavirus pandemic, they have started providing workouts by your favorite trainers that you can see on Instagram live whenever you want to work out. With working from home making available much more time, this is also the perfect opportunity for experimenting with not only new workouts, an exercise routine, or even a new instructor. The bonus is that when you are trying out exercising with the help of Instagram Live, you do not have to make any kind of commitments – there are no subscriptions to deal with or any fees to reckon with. Read on to learn more about a few of the best Instagram Live fitness workouts:

Rumble Boxing

Rumble, the very popular boxing fitness studio, is now streaming workouts that are inspired by boxing daily. The free classes run for around 40 minutes and incorporate full-body, strength training in addition to HIIT workouts. The good thing is that none of the demonstrated workouts require participants to use equipment like gloves that are typically used in their normal boxing classes. This makes it ideal for home fitness routines. You can check out the Instagram page of Rumble for the latest information on class timings and a complete schedule. The week’s schedule is informed seven days in advance; however, the number of live classes every day is limited to one currently.


DanceBody is a well-known fitness studio that uses dance-inspired workout routines for every class of participants, right from the beginner to the advanced. It also caters to people who are interested in lower-impact body sculpting sessions. According to, dancing can not only boost your cardiovascular health and stamina but also is great fun. Although the New York City-based company offers both live classes and as workouts on demand through its live-streaming platform, they are currently also providing workouts completely free of charge on Instagram every day. A professional trainer leads participants through a 15-minute daily workout that is not only quick but easy to follow. You can find these classes on their Instagram account daily at noon ET. If you want to do more, you can add on more either before or after the live session with routines from the individual IGTV pages of their trainers.

Women’s Health

The popular Women’s Health magazine is also catering to the need of women who cannot go to their gyms due to the shutdown imposed by the coronavirus. They are currently hosting two live workout sessions daily on their Instagram page. Each week, different trainers conduct workout classes that can range anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes. The format of the sessions also changes depending on the trainer, but you can expect them to always contain routines that are focused on giving participants a full-body workout, workouts with a specific focus on certain areas of the body like the core or lower body, and workouts that do not involve the use of special equipment. If you are into women’s health, it can be easy to get inspired and start an Instagram page on health issues yourself. To create the initial buzz, you can buy some followers and likes from

Barry’s Bootcamp

If you are interested in workouts based on cardio intervals and training to build strength, Barry’s Bootcamp is the Instagram page you should be keeping a watch on. The participants normally spend half the time on the treadmill, running in intervals. They also alternate with weight training and other moves like resistance bands for building strength and more on the floor. While the workouts are anything but easy since the professional trainers are high on energy, they can not only be challenging but fun as well. Now that the studio is closed due to the pandemic, Barry’s is streaming their workouts daily two times every day on Instagram Live. Participants can choose either a total body workout or a session with resistance bands. In a thoughtful move, realizing that people are no likely to have resistance bands at home, Barry’s has put together a kit of resistance bands that they are selling online.

Straightforward Habit

Straightforward Habit is a free reflection application that chiefly offers scaled-down contemplation meetings for nervousness, unwinding, connections, profession, child-rearing, and substantially more.

In the same way as other applications, Simple Habit has membership-based premium highlights. In any case, with the coronavirus pandemic causing far-reaching tension, Simple Habit is currently giving clients free premium participation through the finish of April—that implies all-out access to the application’s innumerable contemplation meetings and specialists. The stage even has contemplation plans and assortments structured explicitly for pressure and nervousness identified with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Orangetheory Fitness

Since briefly shutting its physical areas, Orangetheory reported it will carry free exercises to fans at home through the wellness studio’s application.

Beginning March 18, Orangetheory will share 30-to 40-minute exercise recordings consistently, highlighting a portion of the studio’s most well-known mentors from around the globe. (You can discover the exercise recordings on the Orangetheory application, yet the studio is additionally sharing every day by day video here on its site.)

Try not to have hardware? Don’t worry about it. The vast majority of the exercises depends entirely on body weight and will now and again highlight ordinary family things that you can use as loads. (Here are more coaches telling the best way to utilize family things for a genuine exercise.)

Fit Body App

Its a well-known fact that Anna Victoria’s Fit Body exercises are testing (in any event, for the coach herself). In this way, it shocks no one that a huge number of individuals have been buying into the application in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

To make her exercises progressively available during these difficult occasions, Victoria as of late declared that new clients will have the option to exploit the application for nothing for the following 30 days. You should simply utilize the code DAJEITALIA at checkout to recover the offer.


Corporate wellbeing supplier, Gympass, as of late reported that it’s revealing a computerized wellbeing stage to furnish individuals with a large number of virtual exercises, sustenance programs, and psychological well-being support.

Free for the initial 60 days, this new wellbeing asset will band together with existing advanced wellbeing and wellness suppliers like 8fit and NEOU to bring a wide range of exercises and practices right to your home.

Likewise, the Gympass group will likewise be facilitating Instagram Live exercises from wellness studios like Y7, Swerve, and Flywheel each Wednesday to make the remaining dynamic as open as could reasonably be expected.


While many well-known studios and fitness instructors have gone online with their workouts on Instagram Live and are perfectly happy to encourage people to stay fit at home, it is important to appreciate that many of these businesses, especially the small ones and their people are suffering a lot financially as the gyms and studios are shut for long. If you can afford to support them financially, it can be a great idea to contact them and find out how you can contribute to keeping them afloat and preventing their staff from being laid off. Many of the gyms and instructors may also suggest that instead of sending them money, workout participants may instead support a charity of their choice.

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