Creative Jewelry Trends

5 Beautiful Creative Jewelry Trends to Try

Did you know that jewelry has been traced back over 40 thousand years? Originally known as a status symbol, jewelry has evolved into a fun decoration that you can use to accessorize outfits or express yourself.

Have you ever wanted to bring your creative jewelry to the next level? Here are some ways to make your jewelry stand out and shine with every fashion look.

Creative Jewelry Trends

1. Body Modifications

If you want an extreme and possibly permanent jewelry look, then you should consider body modifications. Body modifications are a broad term for jewelry that changes your body in some way to accommodate it.

Piercings are some of the most simple body modifications. Some of the popular piercing sites include the nose, the ears, and the belly button.

However, you can also take body modification even further with your jewelry. For example, if you want to bring attention to your ears, you can stretch the lobes with ear gauges. Usually, you will have to work your way up to the size you want by making incremental adjustments to the jewelry.

Make sure that you meet with a trained piercer before getting any body modifications or piercings done. It is a good idea to look at reviews online or ask friends and family for recommendations.

Unlike other types of jewelry, body modification also requires some aftercare and maintenance to keep out infection or debris buildup around the piercing site. Regularly clean your piercing or body modification areas and always use jewelry that is safe to wear long-term, such as surgical steel.

2. Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry pieces can be a great way to complete a look without spending a lot of money. In general, statement jewelry is flashy and fun.

With statement jewelry, you can draw attention to parts of your body that you are proud of or some aspect of your outfit that you want to show off.

If you want your ears to pop, for example, try a pair of chunky studs or dangling chandelier earrings to pull a look together. You can also drape a statement necklace over a neutral or solid-colored shirt to draw the eye to your collarbones.

Another fun trend in fashion lately is wearing chunky statement rings. You do not have to have an engagement or wedding ring to show off glitz and glamor. Putting several rings on your hands can decorate them and bring attention to them when you communicate.

Since statement jewelry tends to be on the more inexpensive side, you can easily build up a collection of items to switch in and out. You can also find many types of statement jewelry at estate sales or thrift stores if you want a good vintage find.

3. Resin Jewelry

If you want a unique piece of jewelry that is potentially handmade, then you cannot go wrong with resin jewelry. Resin is a form of unprocessed plastic, so jewelry creators can mold or shape it into almost any design that they wish.

There are many companies from which you can order custom resin jewelry pieces. One of the hallmark features of resin jewelry is that you can encase anything in the resin, such as gems, flowers, or other items.

You can even have valuable items cast into resin to make them more permanent. For example, many people use resin to preserve the ashes of their loved ones into a wearable piece of jewelry.

If you are crafty or you have lots of design ideas, you can even make your own resin jewelry. It is a great opportunity to experiment with the process and come up with your own concepts and designs.

You will need to let the epoxy resin cure in the mold for a specified amount of time, then sand and polish it so that it looks beautiful as a finished product.

4. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a jewelry classic, so it is no surprise that they never leave the trend list when it comes to ear accessories. Hoops can be made of all different types of materials, from classic thin gold to chunky statement hoops.

For an elegant look, try hoops of precious metal, such as gold or silver. No matter what size, they will sparkle and catch the light just enough to accent a polished and professional look.

Hoops also have a lot of different sizes, which you can use depending on the look that you want. In general, it is best to wear small to medium-sized hoops in a professional setting.

However, if you want a fun and playful appearance, bust out the fun, chunky, and large hoops to pull off a trendy outfit. If you end up loving hoops, it will be easy to build a collection of options that you can choose from for any occasion.

5. Birthstone Jewelry

Do you know your birthstone for the month you were born? For many people, their birthstone represents a touching connection to their family and the time of year in which they celebrate their birthdays.

One of the most popular ways that you can embrace your birth month is by wearing birthstone jewelry. Since birthstones are precious or semi-precious gems, this can be a little bit more expensive.

However, adding birthstone jewelry to your fine jewelry collection is a great way to show off your birth month through your accessories. You can also incorporate your birthstone into iconic pieces of jewelry in your life, such as your engagement or wedding ring.

Try This Creative Jewelry Today

You do not have to spend a lot of time or money to find creative jewelry that works with your style. With these ideas, you can have the perfect unique pieces to add to your collection.

Would you like to learn more about all things related to fashion and clothing trends? Take a look around our site for more tips and tricks for putting together the perfect look.

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