Arvind Kejriwal won delhi assemby election 2020

Delhi Assembly Election Result 2020 – Hanuman Ji Blessed AAP

Delhi elections result is finally out. With the blessings of Lord Hanuman Ji Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) got 62 seats and won. After getting a clear majority in Delhi Assembly election AAP Chief Mr. Arvind Kejriwal addressed their team and said this victory is due to the blessing of Hanuman Ji.

Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020
62 8 0 0

One day before the Delhi Assembly election BJP mocked Arvind Kejriwal when he recited Hanuman Chalisa on live TV and visited Hanuman temple in Delhi.

After the 2020 Delhi Assembly election results, Mr. Kejriwal thanked Delhi people for this historic victory.

Aam Aadmi Party leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal said this is not only his victory but it is the victory of every common man of Delhi, it is the victory of everyone. This is the new kind of politics and Delhi people have chosen AAP because of their work which they had done in the last 5 years like schools, hospitals, and cheap electricity.

This victory and new politics will make India 21st century India.

Arvind Kejriwal said “My family also supported me. It is my wife’s birthday. I had a cake, you will also get it”.

17:47 IST Feb 11: Arvind Kejriwal wins New Delhi seat, defeats BJP’s Sunil Kumar Yadav

17:59 IST Feb 11: My best wishes and congratulations to Mr. Kejriwal and AAP on winning the Delhi elections: Rahul Gandhi

18:08 IST Feb 11: Delhi people have given me a gift, could not have asked for a better gift: Arvind Kejriwal’s wife Sunita

18:08 IST Feb 11: Several ups and downs were going on. We trusted our work. Delhi has made ‘kaam’ victorious: Kejriwal’s wife Sunita

18:32 IST Feb 11: Congratulations to AAP and Arvind Kejriwal for the victory in Delhi assembly elections. Wishing them the very best in fulfilling the aspirations of the people of Delhi: PM

18:43 IST Feb 11: AAP’s Somnath Bharti wins from Malviya Nagar seat with a margin of 18144 votes

19:01 IST Feb 11: Thank you sir. I look forward to working closely with Centre to make our capital city into a truly world class city: Kejriwal to PM Modi

19:09 IST Feb 11: Ensuring accuracy is our top priority, so counting will take time, and people would have to be patient: Delhi Chief Electoral Officer

20:01 IST Feb 11: 63 Congress candidates lose deposits

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