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Best Grammar checker 2020: WhiteSmoke vs Ginger

It is hard to promote your writing in any particular language without any mistake because as there is a saying that no-one can get to perfection which simply means that something cannot be adopted as it is and making mistakes is the part of any activity.

The same is applied here, in English, there are different possible mistakes occurs like grammar, spell, and punctuation by both beginners and those of experts, to solve such issues programmers has focused on online-based solutions which are now available in forms of different software.

In this article, we are going to have a glance towards two of them, named WhiteSmoke and Ginger. 

  1. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a web-based application that has got worldwide recognition and reputation due to its amazing features.

WhiteSmoke assists you with its greatest and unique features by making your writing free of grammar mistakes and adding attractiveness to your writing. Grammar is the most important thing which gives adds the overall impression to your writing and this is what WhiteSmoke does.

It has been believed that WhiteSmoke technology has been ranked as the world’s best grammar checker, spell corrector and for adding styles to your writing.

Due to its amazing features and capabilities, it lags some of the other tools behind, because it contains a lot of features that other tools lack. This is why it is in use of experts as well as non-expert for the purpose of attractive writing.

Features provided by WhiteSmoke!

WhiteSmoke comes with a set of amazing features that you can use to accomplish your task easily, these features are listed below.

  • Detection and correction of wrong spelled the word as well as right spell word but with a wrong context.
  • A grammar checker will make your writing free of grammatical awkward mistakes.
  • A style checker will enhance the quality and impression of your writing, that your writing will have much acceptability.
  • It also serves you guys with the purpose of plagiarism checker.
  • It can translate up to 50 languages etc.

Platform independent!

Platform independent means that WhiteSmoke is not only compatible with something specific, no matter you use whatever type of window and from whatever browser do you access it.

It is accessible from all the browsers commonly used like chrome, Firefox, explore and opera, etc.

Who actually can use WhiteSmoke?

WhiteSmoke is among one of the best online tools, which is being used by almost by any category of people.

 WhiteSmoke has been used by many of the Students, Government employees, Self entrepreneurs, businessmen, ESL students and almost all who are somehow in touch with computer technology.

How to get into WhiteSmoke?

If one asks about the way through which we can access, then there is no need to be keen about simply type WhiteSmoke.com and you will be brought there then do what you are required to do.

  1. Ginger

Ginger also facilitates you to utilize and promote your writing skills. Ginger tends to serve your grammar checking, spelling corrections, etc.

The Ginger software works on a technology named patent-pending technology that detects and corrects mistakes based on the sentence’s context. It has been noticed that Ginger is the only proofreading tool that has won rewards for being excellent in the market.

Features of Ginger

Ginger contains some amazing features some of which are the same to which like the other proofreading tools have and some are unique.

Ginger can help you in the following ways.

  • Ginger checker checks for mistakes if they have been committed during the writing.
  • Sentence Rephraser will find some new ways and will suggest it convey your message in a completely unique way.
  • Ginger has the outstanding feature of language conversion, which converts your text about in 40 languages.
  • Emoji are also there which can be used to convey your words in the form of a picture, as there is a saying “A picture says more than a thousand words”.

 WhiteSmoke Vs Ginger:

In order to differentiate between WhiteSmoke and Ginger, we should take a look at the features of both the tools, both the tools are almost the same with little exception, there is always the price differences between both of them that depends on the situation which too is used. However Ginger is the best option if you deal with many languages.


To draw your attention to the conclusion of the article I remind you the core topic which was to compare WhiteSmoke vs Ginger, both of them are grammar checkers and proofreading tools which serve either the same of different functions.

Which one to be used, depends on your personal requirements and choice.

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