Huawei Matebook

Does the Huawei Matebook have Windows?

You might decide to purchase a huawei matebook, but you’re concerned about the operating system, right? If so then you will get an authentic solution through this blog post. Yes, the Huawei matebook comes with Windows 10.

Huawei matebook has become an apple macbook killer, but some people are skeptical of Windows system because of the virus attack possibility. However, Matebook is built with a strong hardware and it can fight against your computer viruses and malware through its anti-virus software. Aside from this, we’ll go over more elements of this subject. Let’s dig in deep!

Is the Huawei Matebook Windows compatible?

It is a logical  question, since the manufacturer of the Huawei matebook is not Microsoft. However, it includes the Windows 10 operating system that lets you install any game or program you wish to play or learn. Overall, this laptop comes with a core i5 chipset and enjoys high graphics performance because of its display quality.

Huawei matebook has an additional battery life when compared to other contemporary tablets. It has a dual speaker that delivers a powerful audio experience to its users.

Huawei matebook is incredibly lighter and slimmer than a MacBook Pro and delivers a longer battery life as well. This laptop also supports the pen interface of MateBook, which is designed for Windows Ink Workspace features.

Why should I buy a Huawei Matebook and why not?

There are  a few reasons to buy a Huawei matebook. On the other hand there are few reasons that indicate you should not buy this laptop. Let’s discuss!

Argument in favor:

1)  Huawei matebook is cheaper than MacBook Pro.

2) It has a beautiful design and incredible display.

3) Matebook supports USB C port, which is easy to use for transferring data between different devices.

4) Its fingerprint scanner works fast so you don’t have to type your password every time you open the laptop.

Argument against:

1) Matebook is not widely available in the market because it’s a new product so you might have to wait for your order.

2) Huawei Matebook runs Windows 10, which means sometimes it might become slow and unresponsive .

3) Some users reported their charger stopped working though they used it properly following all directions.

Benefits of Huawei Matebook

There  are many reasons why you should choose Huawei Matebook for your business or personal purposes.

1) Longer battery life: This laptop provides a longer battery life than MacBook and other competitors.

2) Attractive design: Huawei matebook has an attractive design and incredibly thin body, which makes it stand out in the crowd.

3) Powerful performance: Matebook delivers a better performance than most laptops of the same range.

4) High-quality display: Huawei matebook has a high-resolution display with stunning viewing angles and colors accuracy.

5) Windows 10 compatible: Matebook is fully compatible with Windows 10 operating system, which means anyone can use it without any difficulties.

Now, we can say that  you have enough information to make a decision and purchase a Huawei matebook. This laptop is surely an apple macbook killer that provides you the full value for your money.

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