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Dubai Dance School – Things to Know

What you should know before starting a dance school?

If you take classes, the teacher will likely explain the milestones throughout the year, when the holidays are, and if there is a year-end show. They will also likely tell you what goals they expect you to achieve.

Whether you’re doing ballroom dancing, merengue, tap, swing, or country, your very first lessons probably won’t be difficult.

Warm-Up: Taking Your First Steps

Dancing is both an art and a sporting activity. You need to prepare your body before putting yourself under pressure.Warming up is therefore the first thing to do.

Preparing your joints

You should do a few stretches before you start. In ballet, for example, you work towards the splits while in breakdancing you have to focus on your wrists. Every dance has areas to focus on.

It is important to prepare your whole body and especially your joints. Your joints are extremely important as you cannot get into certain positions without them.

Stretching Exercises to End the Lesson

Whether you take private lessons, a private dance class, classes at a dance school or dance group lessons in Amsterdam with a private teacher, your session usually ends with stretching exercises and a cool-down.

Stretching exercises can help the student to stop calmly. They also help you feel better the next day. You shouldn’t just stop abruptly after physical activity; you have to stretch the different parts of the body.

Some teachers put on soothing music to help their students relax in the end.

This part of the lesson lasts five to ten minutes. In your very first lesson, the teacher will likely spend some extra time showing the students exactly how to do this.

It doesn’t matter which discipline you study (bachata, Eastern dance, African dance, contemporary, Kizomba, the Waltz, modern, rumba, flamenco, and so on).

Come to your classes prepared! Discover the must-have dance accessories

Preparing for your First Dance Class

When you go to your first dance class, you may not be sure what to wear. Some students contact their teacher before their first class so they know exactly what to wear. If you can’t do this, here is some advice.

Choosing Your Clothes

What should I wear? Many people ask themselves this question before their first dance class.

When it comes to dancing, you need to be able to move a little. Your clothes should be flexible and comfortable. There’s no point in wearing jeans for your first class.

Leggings are very useful because your feet don’t get caught in your trouser legs.

Some even wear Sirwal (harem pants). I personally wouldn’t recommend it as it is more difficult to move around in it. Of course, this comes down to personal preference, so try it first!

You can wear a shirt or wrap top. To save yourself time, you may want to change before going to class. However, most dance schools and studios have locker rooms if you can’t.

Prepare your bag

Dancing doesn’t require that many accessories. You can bring a bag with a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated and clothes to put on if you want.

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