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Easy Tips While Choosing A Perfect Engagement Ring

Your wedding day is as special as your engagement day. So, you have to tread cautiously and plan for both in an organized manner. A very important aspect of both events is the ring. Ideally, both will be worn by the bride and groom forever and both have to be very beautiful.

No wonder, you would need some expert tips to ensure that your engagement ring matches with the wedding ring and that both of them are your favorites.

While your family and friends can advise you on the design and style, it is always better to visit the shop yourself and see which one fits the best. If you wish to customize it according to your style, go for it.

Do not let others decide what you are going to wear. A jeweler can help you decide on the ring that you want, but you have to have the basic knowledge of your own. So, here are a few tips:

Ring size:

Do not be fixated by the design and the technicalities of the ring. First, measure the size of your finger so that the rings fit well and you do not have to apply some DIYs to fit them at the last moment. After all, whatever you do, it might look ugly on the D-day.

Next comes the design:

An engagement ring is the one, which has to be worn and loved by the bride forever. So, if you buy an engagement ring that does not suit her personality and style, she may not wear it further. Do thorough research from her family and friends regarding her taste and style.

Observe her dressing style yourself. If she likes the subtle taste, a single solitaire should be fine, if she likes things expensive, go for the extravagant ring.

Metal to use:

Once you have decided on the stone or stones, choose the metal that fits the design well. Rose gold is the trend of the day. However, ensure that your fiancée likes it too. You can also go for Gold, platinum or silver. Palladium is also being popularly used these days.

Will you go for 18K or 9K gold, depends on the budget you have? The former has 75% Gold, while the latter has only 38% Gold. Our choice would be platinum, since it is durable, dazzling and the strongest. In fact, all the gemstones go well with it.

Popular engagement ring designs

Some of the most popular ring designs include:

  • Solitaire with one single diamond
  • Halo, which is a halo surrounded by a number of smaller stones
  • Side stones: These are additional diamonds on the ring’s band
  • Cluster: Many small diamonds clustered together to create a larger shape
  • Gems: Colourful gemstone-like Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby
  • A lot depends on that sparkle

Who wouldn’t want a ring that sparkles to represent the love that you both have for each other? The sparkle depends on the cut of the diamond. The round brilliant cut sparkle the most. However, if you are more interested in long flashes, go for the emerald, baguette and cushion cuts. If you want it subtle, go for the teardrop, medium sparkle.

The princess cut is almost as sparkly as the round cut. The Marquise cut, however, has two rounded sides tapering to the points and boast of medium sparkle. The cushion cut and the prince cut are the modern variation of the princess cut but are a lot more sparkling variant.

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