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Empower Your Human Resource Team with the Best Tools to Conduct Online Interviews

In every company, the human resource team plays an important role in establishing the base for the company. They select suitable candidates for different projects so that the company can get good profits in the long run. However, their task is not as easy as the hiring process is very tedious, and they have to go through many candidates before they select the right person. In this regard, you can help them by going for online interviews and tests instead of conventional methods. This will also save you lots of money in the long run and ease the tedious jobs of the HR team.

In order to conduct online exams and interview tests, you need a good proctoring system that can handle all your requirements. You can get in touch with the right professionals to access such tools for your interview process. This can dramatically transform how interviews are conducted, and your company will benefit a lot in the long run as the HR team will be able to select the best candidates within a short duration of time. You will be glad to know that several multinational companies use such tools when they are conducting online tests for their hiring process.

Problems faced by the HR team while conducting interviews

There are several problems faced by the human resource team when they are conducting interviews offline at their premises. Let us analyze each one of them in a detailed manner.

Lack of space: The human resource has to arrange the right set up for conducting the interviews at their premises, and this requires a lot of effort and resources. The first hurdle is lack of space when you have to accommodate hundreds of candidates at once in your office. If a large number of candidates turn out for the interview, you will have to schedule the interviews on different dates for different candidates.

Risk of questions getting leaked: This probability is very high, especially when you are conducting interviews on different dates for different candidates. To plug such loopholes, you need to depend on online tests that can be conducted at once irrespective of the number of candidates. In this way, there is no need to prepare separate question papers for the interviews as everything gets done in one session.

Lack of software tools: Most of the traditional methods of conducting interviews depend on the skills of the HR team to assess the eligibility of the candidate. When it comes to assessing the technical skills, they have to deal with each candidate personally and understand how competent they are in this field. However, with online tests, the software programs identify such ability in candidates automatically, and you can easily select the best candidates.

The high cost of conducting interviews: The traditional process of conducting interviews requires a lot of expenses as the HR team has to arrange so many computers for all the candidates attending the interviews. However, with the online exam concept, candidates will be taking the interviews from their own place, and you do not need any infrastructure set up to conduct such online tests.

What is the best alternative for this problem?

The best alternative to the conventional method of conducting interviews is to opt for online tests and interviews. You will be surprised to know that the software can handle any number of candidates at once. You can choose the suitable questions according to your requirement and assess the skills of the candidate. The software tools provided by such reputed companies help you to assess the technical abilities of the candidates in the best possible manner.

When you choose a proctor for an exam, you can easily focus on your primary task and leave the task of conducting the online test on the professionals. They understand the process perfectly as such companies have expertise in dealing with various types of online tests for global universities and multinational companies. They can easily customize the entire set up according to your individual requirements.

Will online interviews work for every kind of test?

You need not worry about the suitability of the online tests for your hiring process. It suits all types of tests. There is a provision to include multiple choice type questions, or you can even provide complex mathematical problems to the students according to your requirement. Apart from that, you can even ask the candidates to solve tough real-life situations that are affecting your business in the interviews. As the entire interviews and online tests are recorded, your HR team will be able to assess the performance of each candidate individually at a later stage.

Tips for conducting cheat-proof virtual tests and interviews

When it comes to conducting online tests, most companies worry about the incidents of malpractice as the candidates will be sitting at remote locations away from the eyes of the invigilators. However, such online tests require the candidates to use their webcams during the tests, and the invigilators can easily monitor each candidate in real-time.

Not only that, the browser access of the computer used by the candidates during the online exam will be restricted only to the examination window. The candidates cannot use the computer for any other purpose in this way. If they try to use some other alternative option, the software can easily identify such breach and inform the concerned authorities in your HR team. In this way, you can easily monitor hundreds of candidates at once with significantly fewer resources. This will not burden your HR team in any manner, and it will lessen their tasks during the interview process. Apart from that, you get the detailed insights provided by the software tools about the performance metrics of each candidate. This can help you to make informed decisions about the ability of the candidate and their suitability for your project. You will also be able to assess the interviews at a later stage and learn from the entire process.

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