Nadi Dosh

Everything You Wanted To Know About Nadi Dosh & Its Remedies

Nadi dosh or Nadi dosha is a serious imperfection that causes innumerable problems between two partners who marry each other. The dosh is detectable during the event of horoscope matching of two prospective partners for marriage. This can prevent two prospective families from conducting the marriage as the problems due to Nadi dosh can be as worse as the death of one partner or both of them. There are other major problems attached to Nadi dosh as well. 

If you’re still wondering what Nadi dosh is, then let us tell you a brief of it. According to Vedic astrology, Nadi or also known as Naadi falls under the eight broad kootas or aspects that an astrologer checks during the matchmaking process. These kootas bear 36 Gunas or points and Nadi Koota alone bears 8 total points, the maximum points under these eight kootas. 

Now, the process of gun Milan or finding if two prospective partners are great fit for marriage or not, astrologer calculates a final score based on the points collected for each of the kootas. However, the dosh is found when both the partners have the same Nadi. For example, if the boy and girl both have Madhya Nadi, 8 out of 8 points is assigned to them during Gun Milan. But, if both have Madhya Nadi, then points assigned to them is 0. And the least points assigned dictate a mismatch in both the partners. 

Types of Nadis & Nadi Doshas

According to Vedic astrology, there are three types of Nadis that are Adi Nadi, Madhya Nadi, and Antya Nadi. All these 27 nakshatras that the nine planets are on their journey are divided among the three Nadis. This means each of the Nadi has 9 nakshatras. During the time of birth, the moon’s placement is observed in the birth chart. And the Nadi is assigned based upon the moon’s placement on the nakshatra. There are three conditions based on which the native is provided with a Nadi. 

  • If the moon is placed in Ashwini, Punarvasu, Ardra, UttaraPhalguni, Jyestha, Shatabhisha, Hasta, or Poorvabhadrapada (nine nakshatras) then the native will have Adi Nadi. 
  • If it’s placed in Bharani, Chitra, Mrigasira, Pushya, Anuradha, PoorvaPhalguni, Poorvashada, Uttarabhadrapada, or Dhanishtha, then native will have Madhya Nadi.
  •  If the moon is placed in Krittika, Ashlesha, Rohini, Swati, Magha, Vishakha, Shravana, Uttarashada, or Revati, then native will have Antya Nadi. 

Since Nadi matching bears 8 points among the total 36 points in the Gun Milan process, it’s considered as a major problem. As Vedic astrology says, there are three types of doshas which will cause three types of problems depending upon the other factors as well.

  • If both the native have Adi Nadi, it may cause a divorce or long separation. 
  • If both of them have Madhya Nadi, then it may cause death or divorce. 
  • If they have Antya Nadi, it may cause death of both or one of the partners. This is the reason why prospective partners refrain from marriage to avoid future circumstances. 

Nadi Dosha Nullified Conditions

Nadi dosh is not always considered to be damaging. There are certain conditions under which the impact of nadi dosh becomes too vague. Let’s take a look at the conditions below, 

  • If both the prospective partners have different pada or Charana of Nakshatra (the 4 quarters) even if they are born in the same, the dosh will be considered to be nullified. 
  • If both the partners have different birth Nakshatras but the same moon sign, the dosh is canceled. 
  • Lastly, Nadi dosh is considered as vague if both the partners have different moon signs but same birth Nakshatra. 

Nadi Dosh Nivaran

Nadi dosh is not the only defect that forms major problems during the match-making. There are other conditions that need to consider including but not limited to Manglik Dosh, Patria Dosh, Gan Dosh, Yoni Dosh, etc. So, Nadi dosh can be damaging only if there are other malefic defects found in the horoscope making. However, when Nadi Dosh occurs there are some consequences that partners face. These include the least attraction between both the partners. Health problems to both or any one of the partners, discord in married life.  

In such events, a nadi dosh nivaran must be done by an experienced astrologer. Some of the most popular remedies for nadi dosha include organizing a Nadi Nivarana puja, the use of gemstones or astrology yantra, marrying the girl to the Lord Vishnu in the first place and then to her husband, etc.  

Therefore, any prospective couple having Nadi dosh shouldn’t be disappointed or afraid if they are any mismatch between them. There are alternate ways to remove the dosh but prior to the remedial process, a professional and experienced astrologer checks all the other defects that are present along with the different nadis. 

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