Mineral Rights Attorney

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Mineral Rights Attorney

The right to own land and minerals beneath it is a privilege worth appreciating. However, the ownership of mineral and royalty rights has led to increased violence and grievances for almost a hundred years. In most cases, these issues arise from oil and gas companies that cheat consumers billions of monies in wrongful ownership of royalties. At some point is about withholding payment by the companies, which can lead to substantial damages. Regardless of the case, the consumers are allowed to seek redress for the challenges. 

It is advisable for people to retain a lawyer whenever they get into a lease agreement or anything of that sort. Oil and gas companies are generally multi-billion agencies with connections, giving them the upper hand to deal with people aggressively. But that should never hinder one from seeking justice, especially when working with an experienced mineral rights attorney

The truth is, many law firms outside there are ready to handle any case of mineral rights. However, how does one guarantee the services they will get will be useful? By considering some factors, it is easy to determine or predict the level of service someone will most likely get. 


Experience separates professionals who can help and newbies who are yet to know what they are doing. When an individual is looking to hire a mineral right attorney, choosing an experienced attorney will make the biggest difference. The Potts Law Firm boasts a professional team of attorneys with extensive knowledge of energy law and related concerns. Choosing a lawyer from such an office will guarantee some confidence in getting assistance. 


Apart from experience, specialization is another factor to check on when hiring a mineral rights attorney. It will be of great help when a client chooses a lawyer who practices specifically on matters of energy law, and at best, issues relating to mineral leasing and ownership rights. Going for just any other lawyer, even with enough experience but without knowledge of energy law, will not bear any fruits. A specialized lawyer has a deep understanding of what a client needs and will offer top-notch solutions. 


Another important factor a client wants to keep in mind when hiring a mineral rights attorney is location. This means the client should choose a lawyer who operates right within the state or, if not a specific town. The client will be sure that a professional with extensive knowledge of their state laws will handle the case. That aside, such lawyers are highly likely to offer timely services at reasonable prices compared to those who operate distance away. 


The costs of hiring a mineral rights attorney differ extensively. While most of the lawyers work on a contingency basis, some charges may be included that a client may not be aware of. For instance, some offices like Potts Law Firm offer free consultation, but others don’t. With that, it will be upon the client to speak with the lawyer of their choice and discuss their billing plan and any other related concerns.

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