The Evolution Of The Meme Culture

The term, memes, was used for the first time in the 1970s but it went through various adaptations and changes before coming to mean what it does in the present context. They are basically funny images and videos which are accompanied by a small text to give context to the viewer. They have become a rapid and easy way to communicate emotions and convey ideas. So, they are wildly popular all over social media.

Social media users are always on the lookout for more memes and funny content that can beat the stress of their hectic lives. Social media has become an escape for people from the constant stress and anxiety of living through a pandemic. Memes just add to the fun elements of social media. The feel-good content on meme pages and websites like Lustige bilder – witzige bilder | PutPut are extremely popular among social media users. 

The spread of memes via social media 

Scrolling through a meme page full of funny content and adorable animal videos can refresh anyone’s mood no matter how hectic their day has been. Instead of surfing through social media for memes to destress yourself with, you can just log in to a website like Lustige tiere – lustige Tierbilder | PutPut and scroll through their pages and pages of funny images and videos. This will set your mood right as you go about your day. 

The people who run this website keep updating the content on their page regularly as the frequent visitors wish to have new content so that they are not bored of scrolling through the same videos and images over and over again. Websites like Lustige tiere – lustige Tierbilder | PutPut provide some amazing customisations that make it more joyous to scroll through your favourite memes. You can filter out categories of memes that you do not wish to see at the moment. For instance, if you are at work then you might not want to look at NSFW memes while these may be fine to be viewed at home. 

So, you can use their filters to customise what your meme feed looks like. If a child is using your account to watch animal videos then you can filter out all other kinds of memes from your feed during the time when your child has the phone. You can also customise your memes feed according to the time of the meme being uploaded. You can choose whether you want to view the freshest meme first or the oldest meme first. On social media, the order would be scattered and based on the algorithms that the app follows. 

This can be cut out in meme sharing websites where the feed can be arranged according to the user’s choice. These liberties seem very minor but help websites like Lustige tiere – lustige Tierbilder | PutPut gain massive popularity over the internet. These are a few advantages that meme sharing websites have over social media meme pages where the content is regulated by anyone who runs the page. This is why they are preferred more than others.

To Conclude 

The meme websites like Lustige tiere – lustige Tierbilder | PutPut have been gaining immense popularity over other social media websites where it is difficult to curate your own feed according to what you wish to view. These social media apps are trying to give more autonomy to the users but it still hasn’t been possible. So, other meme and video sharing websites cut out this issue for most people. These people keep coming back for more as newer content is added regularly to such websites. 

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