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The definition of success has changed from how we earlier used to perceive. In the present day and age success is measured not just through profit, but also through the perception set amongst the mass. As consumers have been relegated to primary importance, the need to attain success not just for now but also 10 yrs on the line, is what every PR agency strive to achieve. As stated in the name, a Public relations company needs to uphold the good relations that the public has fostered about the brand through future-proofing its operations/ practices. Although this is often easier said than done, when the going gets tough- the tough get going. Yet, prudence is the mother of all solution, so these following needs to be done with restraint:

1. Data use

The word of the street is precarious- PR agencies are feeling the pressure when it comes to data use as trends predict that in five years, clients will be looking for more compelling evidence of ROI. Now, when it comes to showing ROI in PR, the task is herculean as there is no measurable parameter for this. Here, data and analytics can prove to be the fulcrum that a robust campaign requires. Unfortunately, most of the agencies haven’t really figured out the apt formula to capitalize on data, keeping valuable success at bay. Correct utilization of data will cull out measurable inferences that will help in nailing the snags regarding ROI, instilling faith in PR operations.

2. Measurement of social media success

A common mistake amongst PR firms?  Measuring social media success solely through “countable matrices,” commonly known as likes and retweets. Often, likes and retweets are buyable through unscrupulous means, undermining all the hard work and integrity a brand brings. This questions the kernel of credibility, questioning the success to a great extent. An overhaul in media strategy is required to reflect true success and not just through fillers. A slew of meaningful indicators such as engagement, referrals, and even sales need to be incorporated to convey a fleshed-out success.

3. Online communities

Social media community has been working wonders for all entities involved. Yet, they are facing a loss of direction as more often than not, agencies tend to skimp on adding value factor and novelty, making conversations look banal and forced. This will lead to disillusionment amongst the consumers and poof! the success well will soon dry up. What these strategies need is a strong engagement value that puts fans back in control of the brand lifeline. Creativity and understanding of community trends need to be utilized in order to strike the iron when it’s hot. This will in turn increase engagement as consumers would find value in the conversation- a sheer breadwinner.

4. Crisis management

What is a PR agencies worth without some prolific crisis management under its belt?  The star of the PR industry, a strong crisis management program can elevate the reputation of even the most down-to-the-dumps agency. Yet, with the inclusion of social mediums, the practice to contain a mushrooming crisis becomes more difficult. A minor complaint can now snowball into a major dent, thanks to reshaping in Facebook. A revamp of older norms need to be done, to cope up with newer practices in order to get the formula right.

5. PRs and SEOs combinations

A PR program is bound to fall flat, without judicious incorporation of modern age tools such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO). The internet boom is one of the main factors to be credited, with viral-centric and Search engine optimized content on a rise. PR and social media should be concentrated on creating and spreading fame by driving awareness and positive impressions.

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