Recovery Rehabilitation

Frequently Asked Questions About Recovery Rehabilitation

What is the process of rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is part of addiction treatments. Having successfully detoxed a body from the substance that caused the addiction, the patient has to be rehabilitated to fully recover. He or she will be isolated from the environment and people that had an influence on his or her substance abuse. 

Rehabilitation can either be inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient programs are conducted in a facility with complete amenities needed for rehabilitation. The patient has to stay there for a couple of weeks up to a month or more, depending on their program. Inpatient rehabilitation is better especially for those with severe conditions since the environment will be controlled. Outpatient programs, on the other hand, are incorporated into the everyday life of the patient. He or she will have scheduled visits to the centre for the treatments.

Patients who are in either of the programs will undergo a series of therapies and treatments that are specifically designed for their needs. 

How much do rehabilitation treatments cost?

Paying for rehab can be hard since they can get a bit expensive. The minimum cost for inpatient rehab is around $6000 for a 30-day program. Better treatment centres cost more. It also depends on the length of the patient’s stay, the longer it is, the more expensive it gets. Outpatient rehab costs less since you’ll be using fewer amenities. The cost for a three-month program ranges from $5000 to $10,000 depending on the facility.

Fortunately, most insurance providers now cover rehabilitation costs.

Is there a recovery rehab centre near me?

There are around 15,000 rehab centres in the United States. All you have to do is find the one nearest you. You can check rehab centers by city to know if you have one in your area. However, it is important to know that you shouldn’t just choose any rehab centre for yourself or a loved one. Extensive research about these centres is advised for you to make sure that you are inquiring in the best one for the patient. Some centres do not cater to specific treatments for other types of cases. Assess your patient’s condition, then look for the centre that has the treatments and amenities that work best for his or her needs.

How can you find the best rehab?

As we said, the “best” rehab may differ from patient to patient. To find the best recovery rehab for your friend, you should find the one that best matches their condition. Knowing what type of therapies they’ll be needing will help in searching the rehab that suits their needs.

What happens when you get out of rehab?

After the rehabilitation period, the patient will then be released to continue living their normal life. At this time, the patient may have recovered, however, there are still risks for relapse. This is why good aftercare programs are important. They are designed to monitor a patient once he or she is out of rehab. There are aftercare programs that last a lifetime. These aim to guide a patient in every aspect of the recovery – social, mental, financial aspects. 

How can I help a friend avoid relapse?

To avoid relapse, a patient should have the full support of the people around him or her. The patient should be taken away from the environment and the particular people that may have influenced the substance abuse. You should also encourage him or her to never miss an aftercare treatment and regularly take the medication needed for recovery.

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