Garbage Disposal Unit and Its Repair

In our daily life, we produce a lot of waste. Debris, garbage, and waste can really become irritating if you do not have a proper disposal spot. The place of the house where the garbage production is at its peak is your kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most functioning areas of your house. All the work of creativity goes on there and the by-product of that creativity is a lot of waste material. That waste material has a lot of tendencies to make your kitchen stink, activate the growth of unwanted bacteria and give an overall dirty look to the kitchen. However, no matter how much garbage you make, if you have the right way to get it disposed of then you are good to go.

When it comes to dealing with kitchen waste, many people cannot live smoothly without the kitchen garbage disposal. The garbage disposal has become a part and parcel of perfectly-running kitchen functionality.

How Garbage Disposal Works?

The garbage disposal unit is usually an electric device that is installed under the kitchen sink. Its placement is between the drain and the sink trap.

The garbage disposal works in a way in which it shreds and crushes the wasted stuff into really small pieces. The size of the pieces is almost 2mm. It makes the passing of the waste through the plumbing pipes possible. Hence, in this way, the waste gets disposed of without any hurdle and the place gets neat, clean and hygienic as a result.

Parts of the Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal has various parts:

  1. Stopper
  2. Sink-mounting Flange
  3. Support Flange
  4. Support Screws
  5. Hopper
  6. Stopper Switch
  7. Inlet For Dishwasher
  8. Clamping Ring
  9. Motor Housing Gasket
  10. Shredder
  11. Impeller
  12. Drain Chamber
  13. Shredder Housing
  14. Drain
  15. Power Supply
  16. A reset Button

The Types of Garbage Disposal

There are few types of garbage disposal units that vary in their features and costs so the user can choose among them according to their requirements.

The two common types of garbage disposal are:

  1. The Continuous Feed Type

The Continuous Feed Type is activated automatically when you run the water.

  1. Batch Feed Type

The Batch Feed Type works in a way in which you have to switch on the disposal on your own after piling the disposal with waste.

The Importance of a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is a very important part of the kitchens of Washington DC.

The reason behind its importance is that it ensures the hygiene of a kitchen. It helps in instant disposal of the food waste so that the waste does not stay stored in the kitchen for too long. The instant disposal of the waste accompanies the instant cleanliness, eradication of the bacteria-related problem and consequently, makes the kitchen look pleasant so that people of the house can eat there.

It is a fact that many diseases come into life through the food. So, in order to keep your family healthy, you have to keep your kitchen cleanest. There are many ways and many steps of keeping your kitchen clean and the garbage disposal is one of the major ways to keep your kitchen hygienic, in order to kickstart your family’s health plan.

If the garbage disposal instantly takes all the unwanted material out of the kitchen, down the drain. Then there is no reason for your kitchen to give a home to the harmful, disease-inducing bacteria.

Garbage Disposal Malfunction

The garbage disposal which has a good quality can last for years and years without creating any issue at all. But it can also sometimes show dysfunctionality.

In such a situation, you have to get the services of professional garbage disposal repair.

The signs that your garbage disposal is longing for attention are:

The Odor

This is the first sign of the malfunction garbage disposal unit. The unnecessary odor in the kitchen clearly shows that the garbage disposal failed to get rid of the garbage thrown into it. It was unable to shred it and get it down the drain.

The inability of the garbage disposal to do so shows that it is not in its best condition and a technician has to see that what is up with it.

The Jammed Device

When the garbage disposal gets jammed, you will see how the water and food particles are not able to go down to the drain. Do not make a mistake of pushing the device to work when it is clearly jammed or you will cause the motor to collapse which can result in a costly repair. Unjamming is the cheaper repair option.

Noises Out of the Device

The unnecessary noises coming out of the device denote that something inside is not at its place. Any addition in the noise of the garbage disposal is a clear indication of the problem in garbage disposal malfunction.

Stops Working

This is an obvious sign of the garbage disposal malfunction. In this case, there is no doubt about the temporariness of the issue. It evidently shows that the garbage disposal device could not work anymore because of whatsoever reason so the professional has to be contacted.

Hiring a Professional for Garbage Disposal Repair

Hiring a Professional for Garbage Disposal Repair

If the garbage disposal unit is showing the signs of malfunction, then you should hire a professional garbage disposal repair service immediately because this is not a DIY project. You can end up worsening the situation if you do not hire a professional who can do the repair really well.

The professional can inspect the device, find out the origin of the problem perfectly and then repair it accordingly. The professional will have the right tools and skills to do so.

Hence, it is always recommended that you should immediately hire a professional garbage disposal repair in DC in case of any issue because the device is electric and it would require an expert and skilled professional to repair it.

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