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The 6 Best Noise Cancelling Bose Headphones and Speaker to Get in 2020

In the audio world, Bose is one of the most popular names that has won tons of awards for its noise blocking technology. Bose has the best high-quality wireless headphones and speakers, appealing to audiophiles and casual music listeners alike. These devices are magical and they take you to your wonderland where there would be no noise such as the roar of an airplane engine, the rumble of a train, or construction noise, just you and your music. Bose was the first to offer active noise-canceling to consumers and is still very much at the top of the game. The firm has expanded its range of noise-canceling headphones to suit every budget, and diversified into other types of cans including sporty true wireless earbuds and premium wireless headphones. Bose has headphones for all types of customers – the gym enthusiasts, the audiophiles, the metalheads and the calm vintage music lovers.

If you are thinking about getting a new pair of headphones or speakers, then check out this list of the best audio items by Bose.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series ll) – This overall set is the best set of over-ear headphones, Bose has come up with. Users will have the option of blocking any unwanted noise. You will not get distracted by any unwanted sound, and your sole focus can be on the song. Compared to other ANC headphones, Bose has exceptional noise cancellation, high-quality sound, tremendous comfort, and durability. The battery will last you 20 hours on Bluetooth and 40 hours when plugged into the device. They have amazing sound quality and they can be used for long hours without any inconvenience. These headphones come with a Google Assistant option that reads out text messages and online notifications while you’re on the move. You can even dictate a reply or rifle through your music library using voice commands.

Bose SoundSport Wireless – These wireless earbuds are comfortable and give a strong wireless performance. They are sporty and lightweight and offer high sounds and awesome beats that will take you to your little La La Land. These earbuds are targeted for gym enthusiasts which are IPX4 sweat- and splash-resistant. Slip them on and you’ll find that the comfy silicone ear hooks hold them in place while jogging or busting out a HIIT workout. You shouldn’t experience too many drop-outs, either, thanks to Bose’s reliable Bluetooth chipset. Battery life is average but six hours playback is plenty for a commute or a workout.

Bose SoundSport Free – Experience deep, powerful bass music with this model of Bose. Bose has crammed a battery, amplifier and Bluetooth chip into these tiny earbuds. They are rugged, sporty, and water-resistant. With these get to experience rich, expensive bass and sparkling vocals. It has 5 hours of battery life. Carry a charger in case you plan not to come back home for a few hours. You can charge them wherever and whenever you want. Five LEDs on the outside of the case indicate how much charge is left. Forgetful types will appreciate the ‘Find My Buds’ feature, too, which shows their location on your phone.

Soundsport Free True Wireless – These wireless headphones have beautiful designs that are convenient as well as comfortable. They are wireless and do not cause any inconvenience. Like the other products of Bose, they too have high sound quality. They are so small that you barely even notice them. The total battery life hour is 15. It has an IPX4 weather-resistant rating. Therefore if you go out with them in the rain, there will not be any damage. With the Bose connect app you will be able to keep track of everything you need to including battery-life, music and call times, and location technology.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling – These earphones have a very comfortable design that makes it easy to use. With them, you can reduce unwanted noise with noise cancellation technology. They provide stability and long-lasting comfort. These earphones are a brilliant deal and offer better services than most of the other wireless headphones and speakers available in the market. Unlike other Bluetooth headphones, they offer better sound and noise blocking services. They have a battery life of 16 hours. Otherwise, they are wired and will bring you the Bose deep bass and clear trebles without interruptions. With active EQ control, you can decide how you want the music to sound coming through them. You can also pick up calls and change the songs without picking up your phones, with the in-line button control.

Bose Soundlink On-ear – Although the quirky colors can be a bit of a letdown, the other amazing stuff features of these headphones cannot be unseen. Get 15 hours playback with these headphone speakers. 15 minutes of charging can run this device for a couple of hours and to get fully charged, it needs 1.5 hours. The ear cushioning feels luxurious. You will not regret buying this device.

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