Career in Tech

Getting a Career in Tech: A Guide

Once careers in technology were few and far between, nowadays it seems every other job advertisement is focused on a technical position. With tech jobs starting to become in demand with industries on a global scale, there has never been a better time to start thinking about whether a tech career could be for you and what you need to do to start progressing within the IT sector.

Get a Relevant Degree

The first step you should take when considering whether you might want to get a career in technology is to gain a relevant degree. There are many types of tech-related degrees out there, from web design to cybersecurity, and you must look into each of these before making an ultimate decision. However, if you want to take a specialist degree that will allow you to work within any industry, you should consider taking an online data science Masters with Kettering Global. They can help you to hone your technical skills and prepare you for the world of work outside of an educational environment, ensuring that you will quickly be snapped up by a tech firm or a large business when you graduate.

Create a Portfolio

Once you have obtained the relevant qualifications, you should consider creating a portfolio for yourself that can showcase your work and allow you to exemplify what you can do to potential employers. In the tech world, employers are not likely to take you on without checking your skills first and ensuring that they are the right match for their company. Then, rather than waiting for the employer in question to test these skills themselves, you should create a portfolio that contains the best examples of your work so far. For instance, you might be able to present them with side projects that you have begun yourself, such as those involving coding or even work that you presented as part of your degree qualification.

Tailor Your Resume for Tech

Although you might have a professional-looking resume for the world of business, if you want to pave a career for yourself within the tech industry, you need to make sure that you tailor your resume for tech immediately. This can ensure that your technical expertise is highlighted and that your future employers will be able to spot your potential at a glance without having to trawl through pages of text to find the information that they are looking for. Tailoring your resume and including the right keywords can also help your resume to pass through HR software effectively.

Network with Professionals

Networking is a core part of managing to progress in any career. However, networking is even more important in the tech industry, which is often seen as elite and exclusive. To get yourself out there, you should consider signing up for tech meetings and conferences to meet others who are working within your industry. This may help you find out about opportunities, learn from like minded professionals and make connections that could lead to job offers in the future. By looking for events that are purely for tech professionals, you will also be able to streamline your approach to networking and ensure that all the contacts that you are making will be useful to you.

Look for Roles Within Your Industry

However, suppose you are already mid-career and are uncertain about taking the plunge and starting off in a tech career from scratch. In that case, you should consider looking for tech roles within your current industry or within the company that you work for. You should then apply for these when they come up or ask your current manager to recommend you from these positions or a promotion where you will obtain more technical responsibility. In many cases, it is easier to apply for internal roles than build up your reputation in another business. This could allow you to secure higher-paying and more rewarding positions quickly since your manager will already know that you are a dedicated worker.

Find a Mentor Lastly, it can be difficult to know how you may be able to progress within the tech industry due to the relatively new nature of the business, and so you must look for ways to obtain inside knowledge about the industry. Then, you should seek out a mentor who will guide you throughout your career, giving you advice and tips to help you improve your technical skills and navigate the ever-changing world of the tech industry.

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