How to Host the Ultimate Halloween Bash

How to Host the Ultimate Halloween Bash

After a long year spent apart from all of our friends, it finally seems like life is starting to get back to normal. Restrictions are slowly being lifted across the US, and soon large inside gatherings will be safe again. This can only mean one thing: Time to plan a Halloween Party!

But after all this time, it can’t just be any old Halloween party. We want this party to be a perfect Halloween house party that none of your friends will soon forget. These 4 tips will help you do just that.

Make your place look GOOD

Whether money is a little tight or you’re planning to go all out, an essential part of throwing a Halloween rager is figuring out the decorations. For Halloween, a creepy and dark ambience is always ideal. This means you can skip the paper headstones and tissue ghosts.

Instead, go for slick black lighting with glowing accents to give a ghoulish tint to the whole affair. The decor sets the tone of your party from the moment that invitees walk through the door, so go all out and make sure that they never want to leave.

Costume Contest is best

The center of any good Halloween party is a legendary costume contest. Encourage everyone to let loose and go wild by wearing their sexiest costumes, craziest contacts, and funniest wigs out for the night. And we mean everyone—guys are not off the hook for this! These days there are so many hilarious and hot Halloween costumes for men, your dude friends really have no excuse not to participate.

To maximize the fun, throw in a little cash incentive for the winners. Have each of your guests contribute a little bit of money and let the party know that the winner takes the pot. If you’re feeling charitable, you can also let the winner pick an organization that they support and give the funds in their name. In our experience, adding in the element of competition gets even your reluctant friends into the spirit!

Themed (cheap) drinks

Providing all your guests with drinks can be expensive, but anyone who has thrown a house party before knows you have to have booze. To stay on theme and keep it wallet-friendly, stick to one or two Halloween themed house mixed drinks or cocktails. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Any mixed drink with green food coloring in it adds a fun twist to the party but won’t leave you broke.

Then, for later, when your friends have the munchies, round out the night with some Halloween pizza. As always, encourage your guests to drink responsibly and never drink and drive!

Get your friends involved

A lot of time can pass between your initial invite and the time you actually host the party. In the meantime, keep your friends interested by letting them help. Chances are, it will make the party even better andtake some of the planning off of your hands.

Have some particularly well-liked friends? Allow them to help out with the invite list to make your party the go-to party on Halloween night. Enlist your talented friends to DJ or make a collaborative playlist to get more people involved. This will save you a lot of time and keep people excited for the function. Plus, no one can blame you if the music is no good!

When it comes to Halloween parties, don’t overthink it. If you follow our 4 tips and lean in to the theme, your friends are guaranteed to have fun. Any party you throw is bound to be unforgettable!

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