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Gift Guide Inspiration: Custom Patches & Pins

When it comes to cheering someone to a gift or a surprise there are a lot of options that you can take and a lot of them just don’t fit in context for the person in question. But the gift of an enamel pin is nothing out of ordinary. If you have something that came up out of nowhere and you haven’t bought a sassy gift for the person then going for the enamel pins can be the right thing to do given the limited time window. There are various cheap enamel pins out there that you can throw in within your main gift as a sideline that covers the emotional part of the relationship that you have with the person.

These enamel pins come into various custom made patches that have customized design, size, and shape. Just so it happens you can order a customized version of the enamel pin that is simply made for the person in question. There are various other benefits that would be mentioned right in this gift guide for custom patches and pins such as;

Giving a clothing enamel pin

An enamel pin that can be worn on clothes, nothing serves the purpose of an enamel pin more than that. Suppose you have to give someone a birthday present and you know a little bit about their personality and things that would literally awe them out of nowhere, if this is your game then providing them with enamel pins does seem like a viable option. And not like any ordinary enamel pins but those that can be tucked onto the clothes and put out for a display.

Giving them off as decoration pieces

Another interesting thing that you can do with the enamel pins as a birthday idea is to give them off in the form of a decoration piece. But you will be wondering, there are no enamel pins big enough to give off as decoration pieces. Well, there now are, you can have enamel pins custom made to any size and design that you like with intricate colorwork and finish. Have them delivered to your loved ones and for them to realize the splendid beauty these pins would look like serving as a decoration piece.

Customize the experience

It might have been brought earlier in this article that the enamel pins can be customized into various sizes and shapes but there is something that wasn’t brought up before which is that the patch size and design could also be changed. You can literally have whatever design that you like the best for showcasing it to your loved ones or giving them off at their birthday or some other occasion that demands a gift being delivered by you to the next party. That is why customizing not only the enamel pins but the patch design they have over themselves would bring you the right innovation and the peace of mind while picking out the gift for your loved ones to be given away at a special occasion.

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