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Going the Distance With Online Study Tips

Use this guide to find accredited degree programs online, enroll in an online university program, and get organized to succeed in distance/online education.

Distance and online education offers a number of benefits, including flexibility, accessibility, and affordability. Students outside of major city centers, or those with family or employment commitments, can complete accredited degree programs from anywhere with internet access.

The first key to success in an online university program is to choose a degree from the wide selection of accredited degree programs available online.

Avoid Degree Mills and Choose Accredited Degree Programs

Continued education can open doors to a higher income and better employment opportunities. Most reputable colleges and universities now offer accredited degree programs or individual courses through distance or online education.

However, prospective students must beware degree mills: businesses posing as reputable schools who accept payment for courses or degrees that are not worth the paper on which they are printed.

Avoid wasting time and money by selecting courses and programs from accredited colleges and universities. In the United States, consult with the U.S. Department of Education to ensure the school in question is accredited. Students considering Canadian degree programs online can contact the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada to check a school’s accreditation.

Choose Accredited Degree Programs

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The Doorway to Higher Education – Online Degree Program Enrollment

Select three to five accredited degree programs of interest and carefully research each option, examining:

  • course prerequisites and syllabuses
  • learning and support resources available to students, including libraries, tutors and call centers
  • the method of course delivery (online, by mail, or a combination of both)
  • learning outcomes and career options
  • tuition and ancillary expenses

Carefully review and follow application procedures for the chosen schools. Ensure all prerequisites are met or addressed before applying.

Top 5 Tips for Distance/Online Education Success With Distance Education Universities

Completing a distance or online university program takes dedication, focus, and a solid work ethic. Use these five tips to get organized and stay on track for the duration of the course or program.

  1. Review all course material immediately upon receipt. Contact the school to clarify any unclear issues or report missing materials.
  2. Create a course document (in Word or another word processor) for each individual course. List all learning resources, important dates and deadlines, assignments, and exams in this document. Refer to it often to stay on track with course goals and deadlines.
  3. Use an online calendar, such as Google calendar, to record deadlines and track course progress. Looking back over the amount of work completed is a satisfying and important reminder of personal success.
  4. Develop a routine and healthy study habits. Commit to a certain time, or amount of time, to spend studying each week. Find a quiet place to concentrate and complete writing essay, free of distractions. But if there are difficulties when writing an essay, they can easily be solved by asking professionals to help to write my paper for me.Take study breaks at least once per hour, to stretch, refresh, and focus.
  5. Use all available resources to succeed. If the school offers an hour of telephone tutoring per week, use it. Contact the call center, where available, to clarify project requirements or learning objectives. Keep a list of all resources including telephone number, email addresses, and website URLs.
Distance and Online Education Offers Accessibility and Opportunity

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Distance and Online Education Offers Accessibility and Opportunity

Success in an online or distance education degree program requires organization and commitment. Dedicate time each week to review course documents and calendars, ensuring goals and deadlines are met. Always keep the end goal in mind: the pursuit of higher education opens doors to better career opportunities and a higher income later in life.

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