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Google Will Shut Down Free Wi-Fi at Railway Stations and Public Places

We are ending free Wi-Fi services on railway stations and public places in India. Google announced the close of these services last Monday. At present Google is providing free Wi-Fi services at more than 400 railway stations in India.

Google started working with Indian Railways and Railtel Corporation for free Wi-Fi project in 2015 and now it is closing the project. At that time project was launched to provide fast and free Wi-Wi to the railway stations. Now Google announced the closing of the project as according to Google now cheap data is available in India.

This project goal was to provide free Wi-Fi on 400 railway stations by 2020 but it was achieved in 2018.

According to TRAI, mobile data costs have been reduced up to 95% in the last 5 years and now India is on the top position in the world for providing cheapest mobile data plans in GB.

After Google’s announcement however Railtel announced that it will not affect our process and soon our free Wi-Fi service will reach up to 5600 railway stations in India. At present Railtel is providing free Wi-Fi on 5190 stations with combined efforts of 415 service providers.

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