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Highest Protein Peanut Butter | bGREEN Peanut Butter With 38g Protein

If you are a peanut butter lover, you landed on the right page.

Vegan peanut butter is the easiest to lick and eat food on the go. And not to forget super easy to create a recipe with.

Those who love it would know that peanut butter goes with everything, be it bread, salads, oats, smoothies, chia pudding, and even the trending recipes like peanut butter noodles.

But what they don’t know is you can get your favorite peanut butter with the highest level of protein content. Yes, you read that right.

Peanut butter is rich in protein but ever heard of nut butter that is a high protein with low fat and gives you your complete RDA of Vitamin B12.


Well, this is real with bGREEN’s VEGAN Protein Peanut butter that happens to be rich in protein with 38g protein (100g serving) and has a balanced fat profile.

It is made from all-natural peanuts with a mouthwatering taste and the plus point is that it is unsweetened and crunchy. Feels like a dream come true right??

Imagine a life of having your favorite food and not causing any problems to your body. The balanced fat profile helps to keep heart health in check and the protein value adds it up to a bodybuilder’s/athletes diet.

So next time you plan on adding peanut butter to your cart, remind yourself this,

Why add a regular peanut butter when you can get the highest protein peanut butter that also manages your heart health.

What’s the difference between bGREEN highest protein peanut butter and your regular peanut butter?

  • bGREEN peanut butter has no added salt or sugar
  • Normal peanut butter has 30g or less protein value whereas bGREEN peanut butter has 38g (per 100g)
  • Regular peanut butter has a higher fat profile while Breen’s have a balanced fat profile that is good for heart health
  • Nutritionally, it also provides you with the full RDA of vitamin B12, which makes it a great option for people who follow a plant-based diet as B12 vitamin is tricky to get through this particular diet.

Considering all these pointers, should one switch to a bGREEN VEGAN Protein Peanut Butter?

If you are someone who is into sports or is into bodybuilding, then add it to your cart right away as you read because 38g protein and balanced fat profile is everything.

Additionally, it is unsweetened and crunchy, with zero added salt. Need we go on?

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