Slip and Fall

How a Slip and Fall Can Become a Serious Problem

Falls are the Leading Cause of Emergency Room Treatment in Seniors Aged 65+

Hospital emergency room physicians report that falls remain the leading cause of individuals 65 years and older seeking emergency room treatment for their injuries. Due to the patient’s advanced age, the injuries sustained in a slip and fall event are often more serious and present a longer and more challenging recovery process on average.

Seniors often slip and fall due to unsecured, lose or curled carpet edges in a damaged rug. These types of falls are some of the most prevalent causes of unintentional injuries in this people group.

Many falls that seniors experience happens in the bathroom or while trying to get to the bathroom in a hurry. This is likely due to a transition between carpeting on the floors leading to the bathroom and stepping onto non-carpeted flooring once entering the bathroom.

Bathrooms have a higher incidence of wet floors and small area rugs that lack non-slip backing. Both men and women are more prone to falls as they age, but men are more likely to sustain serious head or brain injuries in these situations.

Nursing Homes Report Some of the Highest Numbers of Worker Slip and Fall Events

Most people recognize that falls in a nursing care facility are often reported due to a number of factors. However, many individuals that work as employees in these environments are also more prone to suffer a slip and fall event while taking care of the residents. These higher numbers of missed work slips are partially due to the high number of employees that work in the healthcare industry according to many fall injury experts.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Event

A successful Orlando slip and fall accident attorney urges victims of a slip and fall event to seek immediate medical attention for any injuries. This is essential to the fall victim’s health and well-being while also providing timely medical related documents and records of the injuries sustained and treatments initiated that may be used later to prove a slip and fall injury lawsuit.

Have someone at the scene document the surroundings, any witness statements and contact injuries and ask for a police report if they were the first responders. As soon as it is safe to do so, the accident victim should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in slip and fall lawsuits.

Common Injuries Sustained in a Slip, Trip and Fall Accidental Event

The types of injuries that result after a slip, trip, or fall event can be very serious in nature especially if the victim is older or suffers from chronic health conditions.

Some of the potential injuries include head trauma, brain injury, spinal cord damage, back pain, broken hips or other bones, and ongoing mental or emotional turmoil that may cause isolation and fear of falling again in older adults.


Injuries sustained in a slip and fall can be serious and may even contribute to premature death in some vulnerable individuals. Consult with a local personal injury lawyer to review your specific case.

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